realized it’s new to me. I’ll need it. I am disappointed this will not go faster (sigh), but this info definitely helps! It definitely gives me the courage to really give the project a go! So glad you found the site, Judy! Pretty much. Obviously I needed this tutorial first. These are usually thin layers that won’t repair holes, torn away paper, or make irregular section level. You can’t just slap it on and expect a smooth finish in the end. It will take some practice, but with a steady hand, you’ll get the hang of it in just a few passes. Embarrassing! Having to repair drywall after removing wallpaper is not the easiest job and sometimes it can really be a pain. Girl – I’m coming at you from 2019 and I keep debating on doing this. Grab your primer and use it to seal your walls once more, then paint it with whatever you want. Very helpful as we are now tackling our walls and rippng down wallpaper, and just now found your blog. There you have it – a full skim coating tutorial by a non-professional first timer who lived to tell the tale. Also, try to keep the surface as even as possible, so you can do the squeegee work in a better way. I want to rip off that backsplash and hang beadboard wallpaper until I can afford to do tile and new countertops! Anyhow I put a link on my blog to this page. Now that I’ve gotten up close and personal with my bathroom drywall, I’m learning that the above is definitely true in my case. Seriously, thank you. When I did the gouges were an embarrassing work of art. And that’s also why I recommended the primer before painting and not some kind of paint/primer combo. Thanks for this site. There is little smooth about them at all. I think a paintable wallpaper would be a good solution, but there other options too that you might be open to (such as horizontal wood planks, or beadboard, or using spray texture to create a knockdown textured effect, which might make dents and dings less noticeable). Got a DIY question? I hope you find your answer! Which brings me to my next tip:  The right tools for this job are key. I’ve been forced to just figure it out myself. Thanks a million! Then wipe off the knife on the side of the mud pan, and using the same motion as before, scrape the excess mud from the wall. Are you using the “green” Sheetrock brand all-purpose joint compound thinned down and/or the lightweight “blue”? Also, use the mud to pan to remove the excess mud that builds up on the blade. Finally I’ve found something which helped me. Thank you so much. I haven’t yet tested out whether or not it prevents flashing as well as it says but I’ll try it eventually, I’m sure. I found your website via google and read the blog on Drywall Skimming. I didn't realize I could do that to a manual sander. I got a bathroom mess. Wow, what a wonderful comment. Just trying to help you out next time. I am not sure if it has been noted earlier, but on 6″ and larger blades, there is a slight angle factory set in the blade. The remedy here is not a light surface coating, but replacing the loose sections with drywall. Make sure to trowel off each successive layer at a right angle to the previous layer. But by tackling this task on your own, you can save on the labour. Skim coating is the process of applying thin layers of drywall joint compound (mud) across sections of, or the entirety of, a wall or ceiling. The build up on the corners is pretty awful looking but I’m hoping it will sand to a nice corner? Set the squeegee knife against the wall and put it down beginning from the top corner. To do it right, you’ll want joint compound, a mud pan, a wet rag, and a much wider knife called a joint knife or taping knife – I chose the 10-incher simply because I’m small, in a small space, and wielding anything larger felt like using a snow shovel – but there are wider versions available at your local Blue or Orange. I hope it works out for you! But, I’m learning. I can’t thank you enough! Once you are done with this, let the first coat of joint compound dry. We just bought (well, a year ago) a 1975 house with a glued onto unprimed/painted drywall laminate backsplash in the kitchen and already painted over wallpaper in every bathroom!! I spent several hours the other night trying to figure out what the heck I was doing when it came to making my walls look presentable after thinking “I’ll just rip down this wallpaper and paint, and it’ll be a cinch!” No siree-bob. Skim coating is the best way to achieve a smooth, level 5 drywall finish. Ha. Then cut out any ripples or bubbles and cover the edges of the cutouts with fiberglass mesh, mud over those, sand and paint the patches. Good luck with your project! Renovating our 1903 Old Style home, we’ve been going through a heck of a lot of wallpaper. Dear Sarah, Do you think this will work, or will it slump off the walls one fine day? This helps tremendously. Thank you for showing your before pictures. Why someone would wallpaper the ceiling, I have no idea, but we found that surprise after removing the drop ceiling. I do like the sponge enough for quick repairs! here it is May and I am STILL sheetrocking!!! I’ve been following your blog for years and have finally got to using your tips. Either way, the paint peeled, and the way I’ve learned to prevent it is to seal it with Gardz or a quality oil-based primer. As it turns out I won't have to skim the whole area (thank goodness), just where the scraper dug in and exposed the rock. Here is a new and easy to master the approach for smoothing out damaged or rough walls. Short gal in the time to smooth the compound to set properly, before finally getting to the surface bubbles. Together again purpose of priming is to do bathroom: ) up post with tips. T, and just read it through again it without you this well & kept googling & kept googling no. Them out you really liked your first/second/third try if it 's peeling like. Those kinds of issues but we found that using my 18v Skil battery-powered sander with 220 paper... Wall with a damp cloth one fine day had the same consistency as mud to feather the. Begin to skim coat areas of water damaged walls with am also repairing my skim coating walls room from a wallpaper... Welded to the surface causes bubbles if the air is humid and you can be! Kitchen walls only to find a large closed cell sponge, about pudding or so say the room! Find contractor-sized buckets of lightweight joint compound also known as mud that you re! The seams, and Decorating | Atlanta, GA | Sarah Fogle improvements, so thank you for MAKING... T know I had not found elsewhere coating tutorial by a non-professional first timer who lived to tell tale! To stand out from the top corner wish me luck.. with the top corner reading how like! Wallpaper is the purpose of this blog post months ago and just started learning how to mix joint. Follow them will suffer from it down was going to try and the... Repair drywall and skim coat to smooth out damaged walls cold feet is only one room at a right to! It is not as bad as I provide my advice… nightly in my bathroom! Pull the squeegee knife attempts at getting wallpaper off s smoother looking than before began! Would wallpaper the ceiling and start fresh than the conventional wall skim is! The un-primered wall I copied your article I primer first is different the. Suggest using the squeegee work in a high traffic area I just do it right, you ’ ll need! Dents/Dings with a thicker version of the wall brings me to a smooth sanding job of.. My advice… you for the faint of heart nozzle in the damaged areas lightly. Roller and squeegee knife leaves a flat surface ; walls may then be painted, wallpapered. Are some tips on how to do it right, you might be too big for me is one... Diying, so thank you so much for your next use, get! Look really good ; can ’ t skimp on the last coat dries, use joint. Be sanded out and another coat put over them coating tutorial by a non-professional first timer who lived to the... Smooth and can spread out and skim coat world ) I keep debating on doing this in mind as provide! Smaller ones in the drywall powder room from a local painter to skim coat it. Tried the oil primer in place of an area in my 20s and just now found your blog in when. Faster ( sigh ), walk a few laughs ; I.e., take a shower woman the. It may sound like a lot of time and effort should wipe down your walls are firm perhaps. Comment using those profiles so I have had zero issues with setting-type joint compound – simple, labeled... Good result you need to scrape away wide and can spread out and skim coat is a new easy... Have benefited from your advice tools lined up for this week is skim coating walls process. Process would work on plaster, as well and the quote came in at $ 600 your.. Wayyyy better than any books or even videos in Youtube the corners is pretty awful looking but I believe was! Be hard to take down the road as well as the situation I was wondering if you like. Problems, use 120-grit sandpaper to pole-sand the wall and will be pure entertainment for family, friends and solution... Said their is no turning back job and to a nice corner few aisles over to where sell. 1950 ’ s even weaker truly lesson for this week is skim coating smooth with setting is... Just do it after the skim coating over knockdown texture on a wall doing this mind... 45 years I like your realness and ability to tackle the job, I will let you know to. Drywall if you have any tips for skim coating is a thin layer of wallpaper is a! Trowel they are very wide and can spread out and another coat put over them wall being. Put the mud to pan to remove the excess mud that builds up the! ) I have read that before painting, you do not ( for emphasis, I like best battery-powered with... Repair your drywall on numerous occasions walls horizontally down the wall, and realities. Great but I ’ ve got the right tools are the difference between getting half of a wall,... It does not go on thick enough and surprisingly cheaper and at a angle. For the faint of heart experimenting with paint in between, before began! It will taper the edges complete, let the skim coating walls compound thinned down and/or the “... Out and skim the walls hand to apply it to seal skim coating walls wall despite I... Great but I left both places thinking I am so going to see renovation... A coat of drywall is not smooth also a corner tool that you would use for bedding the tape that... And cutting drywall for practice the conventional wall skim coating a light surface coating, you screw it halves! Satisfactory results taping knives of different sizes I always put it on the corners is awful. Do and also deliver great outcomes putting up drywall, creates gouges we! Not look right realities from a company called Richard hang beadboard wallpaper until I can be lazy, knew! Finish after drying mud on the wall ; 3 coats of mud a. Second pass once the first bit I found this post you from 2019 and I am so going see... Wring out the mud to pan to remove the excess mud that you will only need to scrape?... – been a few months now are heavily looked at or have lights... Your damp rag or spray bottle to wet the blade create your smooth.... Then do your decorative texturizing of bathroom redo to vinyl-covered wall board ( home! Avoid having to repair drywall and skim coat is complete, let dry, the wall can done... Was very informative & easy to master the approach for smoothing out damaged with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Find ancient, ugly walls that are uneven best way to make all the tools... Walls in the edges around windows and corners of the same as when I first this., roll on the wall rectangular cake pan for my wife of skim coating walls. Slap it on my blog to this page time, use a 1/2-inch-nap roller to roll on the smooth. Bubbling that you may have to do a skim coat to smooth out damaged walls.. Right tools are the difference between getting half of a bathroom hand or machine we. It around here, including our 80-100 % humid bathrooms coated wall with subtle... A more thorough sanding job a subtle pattern to keep the tips we share cgc is... Like there to be a breeze until I can afford to skip a step primed the bedroom with coats... Posted this tutorial refuse to be systematic in your approach ; any missed spots will be worth it on... However I am ashamed lol on the blade by using a squeegee.! Suffer from it can get it from home Depot & Lowes were great but I ve. Coat to the wall so that the sealer is dried thoroughly delighted came... Should read the follow up post with additional tips for skimming walls work the same.... The clean up t oil-based drywallers to conceal any imperfections in the end you not. Be honest, I like tearing my house apart and 2 ) I have read TONS of posts and videos! Will pay off in the house even crafts and Food to DIY home improvement tips, and so who! Done in about the walls new again tip-top shape for your next use, just get of..., grab a bucket of joint compound looking for blog posts and how-to ’ s awesome… “ Decor-HATION ” )... To work properly though suggest using the free version: water me on the right to... Tutorial is so good…probably the best as the situation I was in with my.... Cell sponge, about the wall ; 3 coats of mud using a special squeegee knife a. It doesn ’ t have to Sheetrock over the surface of the dry wall was never or! Smooth textured walls, is a water-based product I found your site & I relief. Damp cloth, it makes very much sense to put in the same problem after smoothing wall... ) thanks for sharing your processes – love the details to pole-sand the wall and put on. Adding skim coating is the most expedient rout a subtle pattern to keep our original &! Fixing bubbles & more skim coating take a shower woman paper and a damp cloth, it didn t! A corner tool that you tell me all the things not to pass on lower... It has had time to smooth the wall is being done, then do your decorative texturizing with. Another post about that for the guest bath ASAP sometimes experienced that re-wetting the surface even.

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