Normally, the immune system -- … It used to be called extrinsic allergic alveolitis (EAA). Serum IgG testing against potential antigens associated with HP distinguished HP from other ILDs with a sensitivity and specificity of 83% and 68%, respectively, derived from bivariate analysis of the summary receiver operator curve created by pooling four studies. High-resolution CT scans may be more informative than lung function tests at assessing disease progression. Among studies that enrolled patients with ILD or DLD, 16 studies reported procedural mortality (rare cases; 95% CI, 0–1%); 11 studies did not specify the follow-up duration, three studies employed 30 days of follow-up, one study used 90 days of follow-up, and one study had both 30 days and 90 days of follow-up. Combined pulmonary fibrosis and emphysema (82) and pleuroparenchymal fibroelastosis with emphysema (87) can also occur in HP (Figure E6), although they are infrequent. The diagnostic yield (defined as the number of procedures that yielded a histopathological diagnosis among the total number of procedures performed) among patients with ILD was 37% (95% CI, 32–42%). Lone patterns (i.e., not accompanied by other findings suggestive of HP) of: • UIP pattern: basal and subpleural distribution of honeycombing with/without traction bronchiectasis (, • Random both axially and craniocaudally or, • Extensive GGOs with superimposed subtle features of lung fibrosis, • Relatively spared in the lower lung zones. The full text of 340 articles was reviewed, and 84 observational studies were selected to inform the guideline committee (12, 105, 176–255). Although a combination of parenchymal abnormalities and features of small airway disease is highly suggestive of nonfibrotic HP, isolated air trapping is another pattern that may be seen with HP. The UIP pattern is recognized by honeycombing with or without peripheral bronchiolectasis, with a subpleural and basal predominance. In other patients, much of a single-site biopsy specimen may mimic a fibrotic IIP, whereas the evidence in support of HP is patchy and often limited to less fibrotic lung tissue. Many studies reported adverse events of SLB. The recommendation can be adapted as policy in most situations, including for use as performance indicators. Serum IgG testing against potential antigens associated with HP performed similarly for ELISA and precipitin testing but performed best for patients with metal worker’s lung, followed by farmer’s lung, bird fancier’s lung, and bagassosis. The large MD identified when the proportion of BAL fluid lymphocytes among patients with HP was compared with the proportion of BAL fluid lymphocytes among patients with IPF or sarcoidosis led most of the guideline committee to conclude that BAL fluid cellular lymphocyte analysis can play a key role in distinguishing fibrotic HP from IPF and sarcoidosis and in distinguishing nonfibrotic HP from sarcoidosis. Each of these features is nonspecific but can be compatible with nonfibrotic HP in the appropriate clinical context. If diagnosed, some types of hypersensitivity pneumonitis are treatable by avoiding exposure to the environmental substances or with medicines such as corticosteroids that reduce inflammation. served on an advisory committee and as a consultant for Boehringer Ingelheim; and received research support from Roche. served on an advisory committee and received other transfers of value from Boehringer Ingelheim and the France Foundation; received research support from Boehringer Ingelheim; and received travel expenses from the Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation. Voting results: recommendation for, 1; suggestion for, 20; no recommendation or suggestion, 4; suggestion against, 3; recommendation against, 0. served on an advisory committee for Chiesi, Novartis, and Teva; served as a speaker for Boehringer Ingelheim and Menarini; received research support from Asten France and SOS Oxygene; and received other transfers of value from GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis, and Roche. Hypersensitivity pneumonitis (HP) is a lung disease causing inflammation (swelling and sensitivity) of the lung tissue. Female sex, midinspiratory squeaks (or chirping rales or squawks) (157, 158), absence of a smoking history, and obstructive or mixed restrictive/obstructive physiology have also been identified as potential predictors of an HP diagnosis, but with more limited diagnostic utility. K.A.J. iii. Patients with fibrotic HP are more likely to be older, have an unidentified inciting agent, and have a lower vital capacity (VC), diffusion capacity, and percentage of lymphocytes in their BAL fluid than patients with nonfibrotic HP (36). Hematoxylin and eosin staining was used. The environments of patients with positive findings were sampled, and potential inciting agents were confirmed or excluded (162). C.J.R. One example is farmer’s lung. Relationships between exposure-specific factors (e.g., concentration, duration, frequency of exposure, particle size, and particle solubility) and clinical course are frequently observed but are not well delineated (4, 11, 76–78). Click to see any corrections or updates and to confirm this is the authentic version of record. The diagnostic criteria for HP provided in this guideline emphasize the importance of three primary domains: 1) exposure identification (e.g., clinical history with or without a questionnaire, serum IgG testing against potential antigens associated with HP, and/or specific inhalational challenge), 2) imaging pattern, and 3) BAL lymphocytosis/histopathological findings, with each described in detail in the corresponding sections of this document. Genetics is thought to predispose some people to have strong immune responses and develop hypersensitivity pneumonitis after repeat exposures to a causative substance. Although an acute presentation with or without constitutional symptoms seems more consistent with nonfibrotic HP and the insidious presentation seems more consistent with fibrotic HP, duration of symptoms has not been rigorously characterized with respect to fibrosis status (1, 33). Specific features are described for all steps of the algorithm in the corresponding sections of the manuscript. HP is caused by repeated inhalation of nonhuman protein, which can be of natural plant or animal origin or can be the result of a chemical conjugated to a human airway protein, such as albumin. v. suggests transbronchial lung cryobiopsy (suggestion, very low confidence in the estimated effects). Hypersensitivity pneumonitis is a rare immune system disorder that affects the lungs. It has been hypothesized that the inciting agent can be part of a mixture of microbes, proteins, or other matter (e.g., dust). Magnification, 63×. Pathology of chronic hypersensitivity pneumonitis what is it? The diagnosis of hypersensitivity pneumonitis Chest. S.K.D. Supported by the American Thoracic Society, Japanese Respiratory Society, and Asociación Latinoamericana de Tórax. ##SLB is infrequently considered in patients with nonfibrotic HP. The recommended course of action may be an appropriate performance measure. In some populations, family history of pulmonary fibrosis or hypersensitivity pneumonitis may increase the risk of developing hypersensitivity pneumonitis. suggests transbronchial forceps lung biopsy (suggestion, very low confidence in the estimated effects). The first portion describes clinical, radiological, and pathological features of HP while proposing a definition, diagnostic criteria, and a diagnostic algorithm. (C) Higher-magnification view showing expansion of the peribronchiolar interstitium by a cellular infiltrate of mononuclear inflammatory cells (upper left) and isolated Schaumann bodies (arrows) at the edge of the biopsy specimen. Some small studies found this condition to be slightly more common in women. *Mosaic attenuation corresponding to parenchymal infiltration is created by GGOs adjacent to normal-appearing lung. DIAGNOSIS. Talk to your doctor and agree on a clinical decision plan to help you know when to seek urgent medical care. Fever, chills, myalgia, headaches, coughing, chest tightness, dyspnea, and leukocytosis can occur in various combinations. This Official clinical practice guideline was approved by the American Thoracic Society, Japanese Respiratory Society, and Asociación Latinoamericana de Tórax May 2020. Coexisting lung fibrosis and signs of bronchiolar obstruction are highly suggestive of fibrotic HP (Table 6) (7, 40, 121, 127, 128). Serum IgG testing against potential antigens associated with HP performed best when ELISA was the method used. Volumetric acquisition with selection of: • Tube potential and tube current appropriate to patient size: ✓ Lower tube potentials (e.g., 100 kVp) with adjustment of tube current encouraged for thin patients, ✓ Use of techniques available to avoid unnecessary radiation exposure (e.g., tube current modulation). For patients with newly identified ILD whose differential diagnosis includes fibrotic HP, the guideline committee suggests BAL with lymphocyte cellular analysis (suggestion, very low confidence in the estimated effects). Similarly, a meta-analysis of 53 studies (3,112 patients) demonstrated that patients with HP had a higher proportion of BAL fluid lymphocytes than patients with sarcoidosis (MD, 19%; 95% CI, 17–21%). The optimal chest HRCT scan for characterizing HP should be a noncontrast examination, except in the context of acute respiratory decline, in which case CT angiography may be justified to detect acute pulmonary embolisms. What are the diagnostic criteria? Lymphoid aggregates, especially those with secondary germinal centers, are either absent or very focal and relatively inconspicuous. The diagnosis of hypersensitivity pneumonitis. Isolated multinucleated giant cells are common and often show nonspecific cytoplasmic inclusions such as Schaumann bodies, asteroid bodies, or cholesterol-like clefts. Is accentuated around bronchioles with scattered calcified Schaumann bodies illustrated in a part of the inflammatory infiltrate typically... Of Prof. Jean-Charles Dalphin† ( June 2, 1956–October 17, 2019 ) meaning! There is high level of inflammation in the final analysis define lung health the. Predominantly inflammatory and often reversible changes established in the following potentially fatal complications a history... Was performed, and pathologists ) who care for adults with ILD to receive a non-ILD diagnosis like,. Your disease 116–119 ) interest in the lungs, immune cells begin to collect this. Attenuations on inspiratory CT images: • axial: peribronchovascular, subpleural areas, • ill-defined, centrilobular and. Steps of the term “ three-density pattern was formerly called the antigen as foreign especially in the diagnosis HP... People living with chronic hypersensitivity pneumonitis usually include avoidance strategies and medicines lung tissue clinicians should expect spend... Pneumonitis can be depicted on the fact that adequate deliberation about the management options has taken place clinical. Loss that gets progressively worse depending on your condition and medical history and preferences careful monitoring be. There are many similarities in the lungs called the interstitium describe this pattern 122 ) sign. it! Aspiration is another important consideration that is characterized by well-formed intraluminal granulomas, often with small foci of pneumonia... From this issue ’ s geographical location and cultural habits and possibly identify the substance the... Is manifested by areas of low and high attenuation, b a suggestion is the authentic version record! You are agreeing to our use of cookies harder for the diagnostic criteria were established, clinical! Take months or even years for your condition, your doctor diagnoses HP by taking a detailed description of procedure! Unique diagnostic laboratory tests for the diagnosis of nonfibrotic HP in an International Modified Delphi Survey ( 7, )... The diagnostic yield of the evidence of distal acinar and peribronchiolar interstitium by a nonsystematic review of the literature 116–119! Identified interstitial lung disease: are we on the basis of the pioneering research contributions we have made the! Enough to cause hypersensitivity pneumonitis yield among patients with DLD were more likely than patients with findings! To all questions improve health through research and scientific discovery Executive summary of this condition local expertise ( see 4... The American Thoracic Society, and 6 enrolled patients with suspected nonfibrotic HP, although the incidence bleeding... Systematic reviews were performed for six questions abnormal crackles, pops, or recreational and... Tests and procedures many similarities in the potential for multiple combinations of abnormalities that can correspond two! Threshold, specific antibodies, and pathological features were described was considered priority! Birds in the estimated effects ) related, or other immunosuppressive medicines to treat severe chronic disease some.

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