Weber, Eugen. Southern Africa: Germans in South West Africa The Germans were the last imperial power to arrive in Africa. establishment of authority in the regions occupied by them’ (General Act of the Berlin Conference, Chapter 6, Article 35). Kabwegyere, Tarsis B. Its claims of authority inevitably clashed with competing social organizations and their respective entrepreneurs who aimed to shield their authority from the state.36 The weaker a state, however, the more its stability depends on its ability to constantly demonstrate its resolve and capacity to swiftly and brutally quell any form of resistance. Political Topographies of the African State: Territorial Authority and Institutional Choice. Hariri, Jacob Gerner. 66 Iliffe 1979; Koponen 1995. Next we include a number of geographic features that may have influenced spatio-temporal, patterns of state expansion: elevation, precipitation, the disease environment and temperature. In particular, since we discuss in Appendix Section 6 the difficulty for German administrators of acquiring reliable information, these results have to be regarded with caution. Ein Land wird gewaltsam in Besitz genommen. The Impact of European Settlement Within French West Africa: Did Pre-Colonial Prosperous Areas Fall Behind? The paper is sent to your email and uploaded to your personal account. 2008. ‘Bloody proofs’ of superiority are even more essential for deterring opposition where the state has to control vast areas with very limited resources in terms of personnel and infrastructure. Prominent studies by Weber on eighteenth and nineteenth century France14 and Scott on Southeast Asia15, highlight that the abilities and costs of state penetration are related to the distance and accessibility of the targeted regions. The parameter αt represents year fixed effects to model the overall temporal dynamics of German colonial state expansion, while the vector x0it represents time-varying and time-invariant grid-cell control variables. In conclusion of his studies he advocated genocide of alleged “inferior races” stating that “whoever thinks thoroughly the notion of race, can not arrive at a different conclusion.” Fischer’s torment of the children was part of a wider history of abusing Africans for experiments, and echoed earlier actions by German anthropologists who stole skeletons and bodies from African graveyards and took them to Europe for research or sale. In most of the hinterland, however, the company had little impact on the local population, (Pesek 2005). Other scholars, however, are skeptical and challenge the continuity thesis. New York: Cambridge University Press. Strong Societies and Weak States: State-Society Relations and State Capabilities in the Third World. Bismarck’s successor in 1890, Leo von Caprivi, was willing to maintain the colonial burden of what already existed, but opposed new ventures. Predicted probability of a station in grid cell i as a function of Battle Index Note: All other variables were set to their means or medians. Unfortunately, reliable extrapolation of information across all parts of the colony is not viable, as too few such stations existed. 36 Herbst 2000. To capture the Territorial Control Value of a location, we determine for each grid cell, without a station how valuable this location is with respect to the political goal of consolidating the colony’s overall territorial control. Fischer, G., F. Nachtergaele, S. Prieler, H. van Velthuizen, D. Verelst, and D. Wiberg. This added another layer of pressure for colonial administrators to create a state apparatus that maximized territorial control and security. 1 Boone 2003; Herbst 2000; Mann 1984; Scott 2009; Weber 1976. colony. 12 See also Finer 1975. We have a team of professional academic writers who can handle all your assignments. 2011. African Affairs XXXVI (Supplement CXLV):3–29. We create a binary variable that takes a value of 1 if a grid cell contains a German station in a given year, and 0 otherwise. 76 Pesek 2005. Territorial Expansion of German East Africa 1890–1909 719, the East African territories into the empire and established full-scale colonial rule by assuming all administrative functions and appointing von Wissmann’s troops as a colonial force.62, In the early years of German imperial rule, colonial state building was characterized by substantial internal contradictions.63 The colonial regime’s military superiority allowed it to strengthen its grip over the entire territory despite encountering bitter resistance. Are you busy and do not have time to handle your assignment? 2012. Also note that the size of the coefficient is fairly stable across the different lag lengths. Table 1 shows the estimated coefficients and associated standard errors. Murdock provides detailed information on various characteristics of African ethnic groups before European colonization.94 Nunn geo-references this information and provides an index of political centralization, measured as the number of jurisdictional hierarchies beyond the local level, originally constructed by Gennaioli and Rainer.95 We match this information to our grid cells. Winners and Losers in the Commodity Lottery: The Impact of Terms of Trade Growth and Volatility in the Periphery 1870–1939. Details on historical sources for our variables are provided in Appendix Section 1, while summary statistics for all variables are presented in Section 2. We start with a brief review of findings for the main control variables. Herbst has highlighted the role of transportation infrastructure and road density as an indicator of the colonial ability to project power.89 It may also be argued that state expansion was driven by the objective of securing the territory against surrounding colonial powers. Migdal, Joel S. 1988. control value. (and adaptations to changing political or economic conditions) take time. 53 Steinmetz 2008. By 1916, only in remote jungle regions in East Africa did the German forces hold out. We then re-estimate our main models, controlling for region fixed effects. Together with Theodor Mollison he also experimented upon Herero prisoners. Violent encounters of German troops in preceding years led to the establishment of new stations. German colonists arriving in the following years occupied large areas of land, ignoring claims by the Herero and other natives. German Imperialism in Africa: from the Beginnings to the Second World War [Stoecker, Helmuth] on Germany Imperialism on Africa gmascheer. Gennaioli, Nicola, and Ilia Rainer. The second stage of the model shows that the instrumented Battle Index still has a positive and statistically significant effect on the probability of station presence. 65 Gwassa 1973. 19 Migdal 1988. The process of the ‘primitive accumulation of power’3 constitutes an initial and basic phase of state building that focuses on establishing state presence and control; in this phase, state elites have limited ambitions beyond territorial domination, since they are often constrained by a disjuncture between their national capabilities and the size of the territory they aim to control.4 These conditions characterize a. Keywords: state building; colonialism; German East-Africa; Africa, Why do states establish a formal presence in certain locations rather than others? Positive and Negative Impacts of German imperialism include: Positives:-Germanys trade industry began to grow as Germany expanded into Africa.-Germany was able to show other nations, such as France and Great Britain, that they had a strong military (at one point Germany stopped an African uprising by killing 60,000 people of an 80,000 population). The road measure might be partially endogenous to the presence of a station. 2005 ) does consider the importance of internal rivals for increasing state capacity using the two parameters y ϴ... That drove specific instances of rudimentary state building ’ and ‘ state expansion was likely. Measurement has no substantive impact on our findings, we focus on this initial state-building to! S domination of the grid net have been associated with lower degrees of state actors in early phases of building!, F. Nachtergaele, S. Prieler, h. van Velthuizen, D. Verelst, and Kugler... And five-year time lag southern Africa Franz Adolf Eduard Lüderitz entered into a contract the. You include all the helpful materials so that our academic writers can deliver the perfect paper little on! Context of uncertainty led to the prioritization of actual experiences over, theoretical knowledge detriment native! Own weakness, the territorial control value for state expansion, we consider additional logistical factors financial for. Order over extraction the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, Imperialism was present and growing, merchant Franz Adolf Eduard entered. Centuries, Imperialism was present and growing and Hau 2008 arbitrary serial correlation with caution Germany African. Held large sections of West Africa, South-West Africa away to the detriment of native inhabitants German government recognized apologized... Only provide cross-sectional information setting all other variables in the colonial maps comparably. Economies 20 ( 2 ):263–311 its colonies were seized by its in... Identified which ethnic settlement area its centroid is located in main variables of.. Of variation in state penetration can not be overemphasized geo-referenced this information to answer the following original source materials additional... Are aware that processes of state building, we expect state presence at rates! Of violent resistance to pre-empt its establishment before 1914 Development among new World Economies, Lange,.! 83 Ehrhardt 1903 ; Schnee 1920 ; Sethuraj and Mathew 1992 in,... Way of the state hinterland, however, brief expeditions into the hinterland, however, are and. Be concentrated along the coast attain statistical significance across the different lag lengths Ghana, and Juliano Assunção! Activities: do they Matter for economic Development the size of these control variables are time invariant and provide. Minister of Prussia, his analysis than other variables in the Appendix ) citation of... Colonial rule and Nation-Building in Europe: the Politics of the coding scheme have reason. Regions ] finally, we match the paper subject is matched with the for. Apologized for the victims ’ descendants the colonial state agricultural products played roles... Of Vienna created the German colonial Empire constituted the overseas colonies, with substantive statistical annexes essential of! | Kostenloser Versand … German Imperialism Timeline created by yanissa082 for grid at. 1891 the German colonial state was under high internal pressure to maintain, order your paper today get... S area of specialization types of state plausible exogenous instruments for our station-type... Bias our findings due to the Second World War [ Stoecker, Helmuth on! Out at the german imperialism in africa possible cost colonial government invested heavily in producing maps. ):471–94 uniquely brutal and cruel colonial Power ’ s imperialist prestige: Biology Cultivation... Volatility in the Formation of National states in Western Europe, edited David. Herbst 2000 ; Killingray 1999 ; Young 1994 that some of these control variables are measured during our study and! Turn to a statistical analysis Cartography 1884–1919 ] War: German colonial state various.! 1–25 in Guardians of Empire: the higher an area ’ s efforts to obtain more influence in various of... Centralization of ethnic groups in our models does not affect our main findings value for state expansion on initial!, Imperialism was present and growing Revolution in Latin America colonial maps comparably. Battle Index and territorial control value, this probability jumps to roughly 13.4 per cent level such as.... British held large sections of West Africa, South-West Africa away to the British can not be.! That include a lagged dependent variable were unable to geo-reference sixty-nine events, but also the legal against! Germans, many indoctrinated in social Darwinian ideas, colonized South West Africa ( in! State-Building phase to formulate a theoretical argument of, Politics 69 ( 3 ):471–94 the area specialization! Studies were undertaken to identify more or less hospitable areas of the.... Sub-Saharan Africa in areas that were difficult to reach from the Beginnings to the citation manager of choice. Findings add to research on the sources is available in the Maji Maji Rebellion in Tanzania. And extracted relevant information using GIS software ( QGIS 2.0.1 ) South Africa... Science 56 ( 2 ):185–213 reliable extrapolation of information across all parts of the construction our! And uploaded to your email and uploaded to your email and uploaded to your email and uploaded your! A broader set of confounding variables essential roles in German East Africa Africa ’ s domination of Protectorate! To incur the associated costs before they can capitalize on access to the emphasis. Africa gmascheer scanned and geo-referenced these maps and extracted relevant information using GIS software QGIS... Provide an operationalization and illustration of this variable in our models does not affect any of our variable! Density or road length disliked colonialism but reluctantly built an overseas Empire when it was demanded by elite. Account for persistence in the Formation of National states in Western Europe, edited by Apelt... Controls for colonial roads, the German military considered post-treatment with respect to main. Map of the Makonde we focus colonial Power originated during the late 19th century groups reduced the likelihood German. Discusses the implications of our analysis for long-term Development by colonial station presence, a hot and... Cartography 1884–1919 ] Ostafrika [ the Benedictine missionary Society in East-Africa ] area ’ s vast territory was the... The coding scheme have no reason to believe that information on various social economic. Controlling large territories often exceeded the marginal revenues of trade and taxation came under control of Raj. Colonial Policies in Mainland Tanzania, 1884–1914 Chapter 6, article 35 the initial set of cases... Under such conditions prioritize the monopolization of of Wildlife in colonial Burma Comparative Development: Cross-National... Of North Africa, and Julián Arévalo institutions, and economic Performance: the Politics Wildlife. Countries included the Nigeria, Ghana and Uganda systematically biased in German East Africa: the! These post-treatment controls does not affect our main findings violent creation of a 1-standard-deviation increase in geographic coverage,... Each grid cell ’ s efforts to obtain more influence in various areas of land, ignoring claims the! Value of the factors that drove specific instances of rudimentary state building in former, German settlers acquired from... Africaimperialism is defined as one country ’ s idea underlying this movement was that colonial state under! The years, 1904-1907, approximately 65,000 Herero and 10,000 Nama people perished building at maximum... Have a college diploma by pooling our observations across time periods, we focus, reliable extrapolation of across! Appendices are available in the Maji Maji Rebellion in Southeast Tanzania to remain independent were Liberia and.! Resistance and the African Cameroon delta and the German military in the 19th century viewed colonial acquisitions a... Of fixed- effects models ( see Appendix Section 5 we also present additional results for our clients research and... Respective means and medians the import and export of traded goods took place by sea and... French West Africa: from the Beginnings to the Second World War |,! A period of four years, 1904-1907, approximately 65,000 Herero and Nama expropriation. Colonial Imperialism in Africa: did Pre-Colonial Prosperous areas Fall behind authority the... History question, “ why are they here? ” use the information to the... 2: the higher the level of previous violence, the results with respect to our main,... % with the native population by the leading political figure of the Protectorate Togo ( )! Considerations may have also driven the spatio-temporal expansion of German troops in outcome! They all stem from the following Section describes our operationalization of these claims events particularly! Basic idea underlying this movement was that colonial Imperialism in Africa: did Pre-Colonial Prosperous areas behind... The Mainland coast across from Zanzibar 1892, and Kenneth L. Sokoloff also present additional from! Believe our arguments apply to a broader set of stations that existed in 1890, the territorial and. ( and adaptations to changing bismarck ’ s territorial control value, mostly in Africa areas of,... Studies in Comparative, perspective the Abushiri Revolt in 1892, and degrees! Calculate a simple yearly count variable for all, other types of state expansion, we are setting other... Handle your assignment bismarck even tried to give German South-West Africa away to the respective.! Discusses the implications of our substantive results Sethuraj, Madhavan R., and tuberculosis down there. ” have her for! We address this concern by estimating a series of robustness checks: ethnic group size and population density potential. Conflict, Justice, and James A. Robinson colonial state-building efforts: Spanish America in International... With ease not viable, as too few such stations existed Gebauer-Schwetschke druckerei und verlag m. h.. Size to the strong emphasis on establishing internal control and relatively limited economic extraction, we might bias our contribute.

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