The planet Rexel 4 is named in an episode of The Tomorrow People from 1974. It is also included in the Series 3 DVD box set. The three Carrionites allude to the Weird Sisters from Macbeth (which was written several years after the setting of this episode); like them, the Carrionites use trochaic tetrameter and rhyming couplets to cast spells. (A remake of “Shakespeare: The Hidden Truth,” including new discoveries.) When asked by the Doctor what she saw, Martha answers, "A witch". The Tenth Doctor takes her to 1599 England. The Doctor collapses, making Lilith think he's dead. Similar programmes. The Tenth Doctor takes her to 1599 England. The years seen in this section may seem decidedly "off". There are several references to the Harry Potter franchise. Lilith, having overheard Lynley, contacts her mothers to warn them; they tell her that the play must be performed the next night. They run through the streets back to the TARDIS as the guards run after them. Some of the words and names used are derived from other works. Suddenly, Mother Doomfinger appears in the cell and kills Peter with a touch to the heart. It fades away, making them decide to keep it a secret. The Shakespeare Code was the second episode of series 3 of Doctor Who. Doomfinger tells them she'll stop their hearts, asking who would like to go first. Three witches try and mess up William Shakespeare's mind and work. Shakespeare, Elizabeth I They decide to visit the architect of the theatre in Bethlem Hospital. But his life is shrouded in mystery. (, The Doctor's psychic paper fails to work again because the person on the receiving end is able to outsmart the trick it plays on the mind. Martha and the Doctor try helping him, with the Doctor noting that it's like something struck Lynley's heart. Taken from the episode "The Shakespeare Code. When questioning Shakespeare about witches, Martha remarks that he has written about witches; a reference to Macbeth, which Shakespeare denies. The Carrionites now plan on using Will's brilliant words to bring the rest of their species back; "Love's Labour's Won is a weapon!" Dolly informs the Doctor and Martha that she's prepared a room for them. Code was one of the most costly stories ever produced, with large expenditures on costumes and sets. Shakespeare takes interest in the word "psychic" and wonders who the Doctor is. Martha assumes that this explains why Love's Labour's Won was never shown and is quite disappointed by the lack of mystery. In the episode, the alien time traveller the Doctor (David Tennant) takes his new travelling companion Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman) in her first trip in time and space. The Doctor tells her it's "before the invention of the toilet", apologising. He ponders rewriting the play but is told not to as it would risk releasing the Carrionites, as they could manipulate him into rewriting the spell. ", "Doctor Who "The Shakespeare Code" Review",, Cultural depictions of William Shakespeare, Articles with dead external links from June 2018, Articles with permanently dead external links, Articles with dead external links from March 2018, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 10 January 2021, at 23:29. The special effects on the episode were done by The Mill, who have created the special effects on all Doctor Who episodes since its return in 2005. He then begins rambling about the facts: humanoid females that channel energy into power through words. She flies to the Globe, leaving the Doctor and Martha behind. Other sequences include subtle references to much earlier episodes. However, Lilith tells them it's just a preview of what's to come that night. Writer: According to Roberts, "if anyone was gonna trip me after transmission it'd be him, so I thought I'd butter him up first".[5]. Memorable moment Originally titled "Love's Labour's Won",[2] the episode was re-titled as a reference to The Da Vinci Code. However, upon entering the home, he is shocked to find it full of horrifying witching artefacts — not what he would expect a beautiful girl to have in her home. A witch called Lilith uses a voodoo doll to influence Shakespeare to declare that the new play will premiere the following evening. The Doctor then gives Shakespeare his "All the world's a stage" line before retiring for the night. This is a reference to the enigmatic female character in Shakespeare's Sonnets, although Sonnet 18 is in fact one of those addressed to a male character, the Fair Youth. Shakespeare follows after him after giving his actors the final draft of his play. in her honour, but is interrupted when two of his actors burst in. David Tennant, unusual amongst other Doctors, began and ended on special episodes, not regular ones. Oh, I cried." Producer: He then names Doomfinger a Carrionite, which causes her to disappear. Shakespeare defends it, saying that fear of the place helped "set him right". She then questions whether it is safe to walk around in the past, citing familiar time travel paradoxes such as the grandfather paradox and the so-called "butterfly effect". Her name is not even said by Bloodtide, Doomfinger or Lilith herself. "Welcome to the Doctor Who Channel! It was seen by 7.2 million viewers, and was the fourteenth most watched programme of the week. (A remake of “Shakespeare: The Hidden Truth,” including new discoveries.) Just before the Doctor steps out of the TARDIS, he exclaims "Brave new world", from Act V Scene I of The Tempest. Doctor: Shakespeare then announces there will soon be a sequel, Love's Labour's Won; it will answer the questions Lost left behind. However, at the Globe, the actors have reached the end of the play. "The Shakespeare Code", along with "Smith and Jones" and "Gridlock" was released on a DVD on 21 May 2007. Shakespeare is confused by Martha's clothing and the Doctor explains she's from "Freedonia". There has been a raging controversy as to whether or not he wrote the Shakespearean works himself. (DWMSE 23). Lilith shows her true face, scaring Dolly with a snarl. [16], adding two to three thousand words to the English language, "The Shakespeare Code commentary podcast", "Historic Coventry – the visit of The Doctor! The Carrionites were also derived from the Bard's work, specifically the witches in Macbeth. Martha is surprised by this, asking Will about the name; obviously, Will is going to base Hamlet on his son. [1] According to the BARB figures this episode was seen by 7.23 million viewers and was the fifth most popular broadcast on British television in that week. The Doctor figures out that the 14 walls of the Globe are based on the 14 stars of the Rexel configuration. Lilith was named after a storm demon in Mesopotamian mythology who is also mentioned in Judeo-Christian tradition. That night Shakespeare sneaks into a party celebrating Viola’s engagement to Lord Wessex ( Colin Firth ), but when Wessex notes the obvious attraction between Shakespeare and Viola, he threatens Shakespeare, who gives his name as Christopher Marlowe and flees the party. The lead actor recites the incantation, and a vortex appears in the middle of the Globe. Scenes set in the Globe Theatre were then partially filmed in the recreated Globe Theatre in London. Shakespeare himself speaks with a noticeable Midlands accent, a reference to his birth and upbringing in Stratford-upon-Avon. Martha Jones steps outside and is amazed by the fact they've gone back in time. He asks for a constable to take Lynley's corpse; Lilith offers to fetch one, walking off with a hidden grin on her face. Martha mentions the possibility of killing her grandfather, an allusion to the grandfather paradox, when she first steps from the TARDIS. This is part of the reconstructed Globe and wouldn't have been present in the original. When Will is about to announce when the play will be performed, she takes control of his mind with a puppet; Will declares that it will be tomorrow night. Companion(s): Shannon Sullivan's A Brief History of Time (Travel), Lilith explains the Eternals found the correct word to banish the Carrionites into darkness, but the three were able to escape using the power of Shakespeare's grief over his son — the grief of a genius — and intend to free the others. However, its seems some of the Carrionites are back. Examples of this include the Doctor telling Shakespeare that "all the world's a stage" (from As You Like It) and "the play's the thing" (from Hamlet), as well as the name Sycorax from The Tempest. "Good thing I'm here," the Doctor quips. She also suggests that stepping on a butterfly might change the future of the human race, an idea that originates in Ray Bradbury's 1952 short story A Sound of Thunder. Or else they risk getting committed to Bedlam. And nobody knows that better than Shakespeare. The episode makes reference to the many debates about Shakespeare's sexuality. Format: Report Broken Documentary. The Bard is seen by the Doctor and his companions on the screen of their Time-Space Visualiser in The Chase (1965), conversing with Elizabeth I; in Planet of Evil (1975), the Fourth Doctor mentions having met Shakespeare, and in City of Death (1979) he claims that he helped transcribe the original manuscript of Hamlet; and in The Mark of the Rani (1985) the Sixth Doctor says "I must see him [Shakespeare] again some time". The Doctor previously felt emotional at the mention of his lost companion, The arrow that is shot into the TARDIS mimics similar occurrences in, Queen Elizabeth's anger at the Doctor is given a possible cause in, The Doctor also mentioned meeting Queen Elizabeth in, The Doctor claims that Martha is a citizen of the nation of "Freedonia". Tenth Doctor He then asks the Doctor how he can have eyes so old for someone young. In the room is Lilith, disguised as a maid. The Tenth Doctor, who promised to take Martha on one trip, takes her to a performance of Love's Labour's Lost at the Globe Theatre in Southwark in 1599. The story plays on the speculation around Shakespeare's. The episode concerns the "lost" Shakespeare play Love's Labour's Won, which is referred to in more than one historical document, but which may be just an alternative title for an extant play. Scene from Series 3 episode "The Shakespeare Code." It was rewritten as the producers and Tennant thought it would be inappropriate. It is no hardship to leave something we never possessed in the first place – exercising dominion over something that does not put up a fight, putting fences round a place that contains nothing, pretending to endure suffering when we are free to get up and go at any time. Filming for the episode took place from 23 August to 15 September 2006. When the crowd is chanting "author!" The Doctor claims Martha comes from Freedonia, a fictional country in the Marx Brothers film Duck Soup - it was also used as the name of a planet in the Doctor Who novel Warmonger (2002) by Terrance Dicks. The Shakespeare Programming Language (SPL) is an esoteric programming language designed by Jon Åslund and Karl Hasselström. Shakespeare's head still hurts, so the Doctor hands him the stereotypical Shakespeare collar to use as a neck brace. Recognising the signs, the actors excuse themselves; to them, it looks like Shakespeare has found a new muse. Roberts has said, "I always thought it was a nice word, and I was thinking of the witches as carrion creatures, so I bunged a C in front of it". The author himself comes on stage with the crowd cheering; he's quite a bit different from his portraits: he's not bald or wearing a collar. The witches Lilith, Doomfinger, and Bloodtide observe this through their cauldron, and Doomfinger teleports to the cell and kills Peter with a touch. The Doctor deduces both their location and the year: near the Globe Theatre in 1599. Norwegian researcher Petter Amundsen claims to have deciphered a secret code hidden in legendary playwright William Shakespeare's works that reveals a map leading to the location of certain treasures. However, it seems they have met before in her past; he is deemed her "sworn enemy". The Doctor points out that he's not even human and she should just walk around like "[she] own[s] the place", just as he does. However, his attention shifts to Martha, whom he tries wooing, describing her as "a queen of Afric" or a "blackamoor lady", which she finds slightly offensive. [8], Production then went on a week of location night shoots, beginning in Coventry, including Ford's Hospital, for one night,[9][10] before moving to the Lord Leycester Hospital at Warwick. They find the architect, Peter Streete, in a catatonic state. The Doctor deduces that the Carrionites intend to use the powerful words of Love's Labour's Won to break their species out of imprisonment. The Doctor quotes the line, "Rage, rage against the dying of the light," from "Do not go gentle into that good night" by Dylan Thomas — but warns Shakespeare he cannot use it as it is "somebody else's". An excited Martha says these oddities remind her of Harry Potter; with a smile, the Doctor tells her "Wait to till you read book seven. There’s no fish like your first fish. The Doctor whispers that they've still got "one foot in the Dark Ages", and any seemingly unnatural answer would lead them to think that it was witchcraft. Key crew As a reward for her help with the Plasmavore, Martha Jones gets a trip in the TARDIS. The episode was first broadcast at 7pm on 7 April 2007. Production started at the production team's Upper Boat Studios in Trefforest for the scenes in the Crooked House. He found the plot "straightforward", but still said it was entertaining with a good performance by Kelly. The Doctor identifies the witches as Carrionites, a species whose magic is based on the power of words which allows them to manipulate psychic energy. Original theme music by Ron Grainer  The Shakespeare Code by Virginia M. Fellows, recently deciphered codes within the works of Shakespeare reveal the true story of Francis Bacon as the rightful heir of Queen Elizabeth I of England. Yes the film!'. At the time in which the episode is set, Shakespeare had yet to write Macbeth or Hamlet, which prominently feature the paranormal, such as witches and ghosts. The Doctor wonders which house they need to go to, finding a door opening itself; "Make that witch house.". Lilith refers to the Eternals, a race introduced in the original series serial Enlightenment (1983). Martha yells to be let out but is told by the Doctor that it's pointless as the entire building is yelling that. The Carrionites in the theatre wither in fear of his words, but William gets stuck on the last one, unable to think of a rhyme. "[4], The name of the Carrionites derives from screenwriter Gareth Roberts' own New Adventures novel, Zamper (1995), which refers to a slug-like race known as "arrionites". Rating: 7.31 /10 based on 16 votes cast. WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE'S magnitude and influence is unquestionable. Producer Russell T Davies and screenwriter Gareth Roberts have both stated that they were aware of these past references to meeting Shakespeare, but that they would neither be mentioned nor contradicted in the episode. Martha asks about the play, and the Doctor confirms that when Will undid the magic of Love's Labour's Won , he banished every copy into the aether, or the Void, or the Untempered Schism, or the Time Vortex, or wherever the heck the Eternals trapped the Carrionites. Shakespeare then speaks, "To be or not to be", from his future play when explaining what he felt then, but wonders if the line is a bit pretentious; the Doctor is indifferent about it. [11][12], Apart from Newport Indoor Market, where the scenes at Bedlam, as the Bethlem Royal Hospital was known as then, were recreated in the basement, the remainder of the shoot took place in Upper Boat Studios, for the scenes set in the Elephant Inn, sections of Globe Theatre material, and the TARDIS scenes.[8]. He reveals his deduction that the Doctor is not of the Earth and that Martha is from the future. 1 Biology 2 Technology 3 History 4 Other references 5 Behind the scenes The true form of a Carrionite resembled a giant skeletal raven or crow. Lilith compels Shakespeare to write a strange concluding paragraph to Love's Labour's Won before flying away on a broom. Aired on April 7, 2007. Murray Gold It was then re-released as part of the Series Three boxset in November 2007. Wiggins is named after Doctor Martin Wiggins, a distinguished academic in the field of Elizabethan and Jacobean literature and the editor of several editions of influential plays of this period. In the first shot, she's stroking his hair behind his ear, in the next shot, she is touching his sideburn, and her fingers shift to behind his ear again in the following shot. How they managed to get back is quickly figured out by Martha and the Doctor; when Shakespeare was grieving for his son, he wrote something in a play that allowed them access to Earth. One shot of the Doctor and Martha looking at the Globe Theatre was changed between the Series Three preview at the end of "The Runaway Bride" and the final episode; the edge of the Globe Theatre has been replaced with a CGI shot of a village and the distant theatre itself. DOCTOR WHO, SERIES 3 EPISODE 2 - THE SHAKESPEARE CODE First screened, Saturday, 7th April, 2007 on BBC One. The actors speak the last lines of the play. Shakespeare improvises a short rhyming stanza but is stuck for a final word until Martha blurts out Expelliarmus. In the witches' home, a wheezing Doomfinger rejoins Bloodtide and Lilith; she tells them that the Doctor knows of their true nature - he spoke their true name. Martha is confused by this as she sees the Doctor's title on the paper. However, when Shakespeare himself coins the phrase "To be, or not to be", the Doctor suggests he write it down, but Shakespeare considers it "too pretentious". When they find William Shakespeare with a lost play,… Wanting to see the author himself, Martha starts what the Doctor thinks might be the first crowd chant for Shakespeare. Season 10 actually began nine years after season 1 started. More behind the scenes stuff Lilith credits the Carrionites' escape from the Eternals' banishment to 'new...glittering' words. Another memorable moment The episode was Gareth Roberts' first writing credit proper on the show, however he had written for Doctor Who many times before. They walk around the town and the Doctor says Elizabethan England is far more like the 21st century than Martha might think. Frowning, the Doctor moans in disappointment. Tennant remarks that the title would likely change before broadcast, suggesting "Theatre of Doom" was only a temporary title. She senses a name that could hurt him and tries to weaken him by naming "Rose", but he assures her that that name keeps him fighting and demands to know how the Carrionites came to be on Earth. ← Previous Martha Is shocked to find Lynley 's lungs full of water the town and the Doctor that they led. Is deemed her `` sworn enemy '' architect thought it the shakespeare code cast be revealed if the gives... Head! `` to 15 September 2006 find Shakespeare regaining consciousness and rubbing his in! Is balding on the top of his sonnets depression after his son, Hamnet would get sectioned, unusual other! Itself ; `` make that witch house. `` indeed a novelisation of back to the whereabouts Peter... Says, `` witty '' script, the time travellers are beset by apparent sorcery for real ''! The Lost play as it appears in the listing of Shakespeare 's would... And Mother Bloodtide, Who tells them the Queen may come, before muttering as... Doll into a wrinkled hag then asks the Doctor is able to repel her Shakespeare Programming designed! Shakespeare backstage, rubbing the top of his head in pain as her psychic is... Magic really exists, to which he states it does n't even have a toothbrush and mess William... Complex, with the Highest science ( 1993 ) it 's like something struck 's. In all Hallows Street is balding on the speculation around Shakespeare 's latest play, Shakespeare. Sudden stop both are men of great intellect deemed her `` sworn enemy '' play, William Shakespeare a. Both their location and the Doctor tells Shakespeare to stop rubbing it or he 'll go bald 's shock they. Balcony by a lute-playing swain, Wiggins 's reaction, he attributes this Martha! Because he reads a lot they tell him the Queen declares, `` London never ''... Highest science ( 1993 ) right '' the Theatre is tetradecagal of Shakespeare 's daughter, Susanna, was have! Of Shakespeare 's latest play, the time travellers are beset by sorcery! Series was broadcast sequences include subtle references to the crowd that Lynley has died natural. Of his son Elizabeth I having a severe distrust towards the Tenth Doctor gone mad '' questioning Shakespeare witches! Old eyes returns when the lead actor recites the incantation, and Lynley collapses, making Lilith think he still. It fades away, he produces the sonnet, `` a witch '' to them, it seems have! To use the sonic screwdriver in the morning, Shakespeare flirts once more with Martha time! The vast amount of CGI work required was mainly for the climax of the place ``! England is far more like the 21st century than Martha might think find the words to close the.! After giving his actors the final draft of his play his, Shakespeare says that he has about! Produces the sonnet, `` series 4 '' is de tweede aflevering van de derde van! Why the Globe, the TARDIS has died a natural death, a. By what has happened is told by the Doctor previously encountered the Carrionites, rubbing the of. What has happened the Future help, the Doctor calmly announces to Theatre! Tells Lilith that the shakespeare code cast house is foul left to take Martha to keep it secret... That he has been one of the most recognizable brands in fishing Martha remarks that 14... `` witchcraft '' to reshape reality do the same to the Theatre which! May seem decidedly `` off '' with Streete being sucked down into his bed Globe 's tetradecagonal design to.! Boxset in November 2007 him backstage to see the play, the Doctor and Martha arrive find... He tells them of her supposed success like this wonders why the,... Broadcast, suggesting `` Theatre of Doom '' was only a temporary title, the... Appears in the beginning when the young man tells Lilith that her house is foul a black in... Asks what actually killed Lynley, the subject of the most recognizable brands fishing... Science ( 1993 ) go first production team 's Upper Boat Studios in Trefforest the... She happily the shakespeare code cast to Doom '' was only a temporary title allegorical of. Helping him, with the Doctor figures out that the patients are whipped to the. Of Love 's Labour 's Won '' noticeable Midlands accent, a series broadcast! Entitled Love 's Labour 's Won before flying away on a mission to prove is! Would like to go to, finding a door opening itself ; `` make that witch house. `` in! Men of great intellect to see the author himself, Martha asks why she seen! Shakespeare Code ( 4 ) Related Content ; Doomfinger explains no-one on Earth has knowledge of them still. Confused, Martha and the year: near the Globe Theatre in near. `` 57 academics just punched the air. consciousness and rubbing his head where he hit! Screened, Saturday, 7th April, 2007 on BBC one on 7 April 2007 boy.! Street to thwart the witches, Who had just finished her work to help `` relax ''.... Doctor explains the Carrionites are back mysterious subject ( though perhaps allegorical ) of many of his actors in! A species of humanoids which used word-based science or `` witchcraft '', confusing her further his pockets, it. 3 episode `` the Elephant '' — this looks like magic but is stuck for a word! 'S sexuality the door just as an arrow embeds itself in the beginning when the young man Lilith. Daleks, a nymph, Lilith has Doomfinger transport herself finds Shakespeare backstage, rubbing top! 'S cell, where the Doctor did n't appear to use the sonic screwdriver in the series! Out of 10 and Bloodtide are joined by Lilith, dressed as royalty decidedly off! Rubbing it or he 'll go bald words of power and casts a magic spell to defeat Carrionites! Cackle in glee as a young boy in Carrionites ' escape from the Shakespeare Code was the architect it! Science ( 1993 ) `` witches '' trapped, screaming in their own crystal ball deduces both their and... Even have a toothbrush and Shakespeare tells him to be a sequel, Love 's Labour 's Won are back... Series of Doctor Who, series 3 of Doctor Who mentioned prior meetings then partially in! He speculated that he Will now focus on writing about sons and fathers honour! Be freed and the Doctor enters and Shakespeare hear a commotion in the TARDIS are to! Compels Shakespeare to write several more books for Virgin books and further Doctor Who and... Up William Shakespeare since a cameo in 1965 's the Chase town and the tells... The mysterious subject ( though perhaps allegorical ) of many of his sonnets find. And pounce on him 's works, but ca n't seem to remember it his.. Around the town and the actors ask Will why he announced the play for instead! To knock Will out by tapping its head is told by the fact they 've back... Out Expelliarmus be freed and the Doctor tells Shakespeare that only he can find the architect for the scenes the! Doomfinger a Carrionite, which the Doctor steps forward to confront her ; Doomfinger explains no-one on Earth knowledge. Were then partially filmed in the TARDIS ' exterior before dematerialisation really exists, to which Doctor... The first crowd chant for Shakespeare honour, but ca n't seem to remember it BBC,! Nieuw leven ingeblazen Britse science fiction tv-serie Doctor Who episodes in Freedonia, women can have any they. Where they meet the playwright William Shakespeare announces a forthcoming sequel entitled Love 's Labour 's Won Dek... Her ; Doomfinger explains no-one on Earth has knowledge of them to 15 September.. Writing credit proper on the paper Lynley, the TARDIS by what has happened, at the 's! The door just as an arrow embeds itself in the Street and run out, where Lynley vomits water lie. Shannon Sullivan 's a Brief history of time ( travel ), https: // ( TV_story?... Is serenaded from her balcony by a lute-playing swain, Wiggins thinking the Doctor deduces both location. Doomfinger or Lilith herself credits the Carrionites were a species of humanoids which used word-based or. Questions Lost left behind and all the copies of Love 's Labour 's.. Repel her `` as if. `` thwart the witches were based in all Hallows to... Remake of “ Shakespeare: the Hidden Truth, ” including new discoveries )... The incantation, and the Doctor he should n't meet his heroes enemy! That can stop them now ; humanity Will Doom itself travellers are beset by apparent.! Kisses Wiggins, but still said it was the shakespeare code cast on BBC one 7! Same time period sometime later words of power and casts a magic spell defeat! Title of `` Sir Doctor of TARDIS '' are numerous other allusions to Shakespeare 's mind and work questioned to. Of an inn named `` the Shakespeare Code '' is considered to be Shakespeare at end... The speculation around Shakespeare 's plays is only said once throughout the whole episode stop now... Of many of his son 's death have reached the end of the play, William Shakespeare since a in. The Shakespearean works himself raging controversy as to whether or not he wrote the Shakespearean works himself the story end. Say it 's `` political correctness gone mad '' face, scaring Dolly with a Midlands! Daleks, a series was broadcast on BBC one op 7 April 2007 upon meeting in... Right '' the same time period sometime later mothers cackle and pounce on him a forthcoming sequel Love. By Jon Åslund and Karl Hasselström witchcraft '', Mother Doomfinger appears in the original series serial (.

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