I mean, we’re members of the community as well, right? The early timeline is important in order to determine if anyone involved violated the City Charter or the Colorado Open Meetings Act. The city and Xcel would work together to update Boulder’s electric grid, share data and develop innovative demonstration projects under the guidance of a community board. The city’s offer comes after an Oct. 28 Colorado Public Utilities Commission ruling that approved transfer of Xcel Energy assets outside substations to the city. Duties: Regularly review and discuss energy issues of shared, including decarbonization of Boulder’s electricity supply and use energy efficiency and demand-side management programs for customers, and overall local and state-wide initiatives that are related to the goals of the partnership. “I’ve seen that in the [corporate] world where you have a pretty big thing that’s been announced. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for Xcel Energy locations in Boulder, CO. After the appellate decision is issued, all further court actions will be discontinued. Because Yates had requested that language, and because he previously worked for Level 3 Communications, from which members spun out to create Zayo Group, which recently was awarded a broadband contract in Boulder, and because Yates lists only “dividends” on his financial disclosure document, we asked if he would stand to benefit financially in any way from municipal broadband, or if he had stock in Zayo. Many who have reviewed it see only potential and prioritized projects, but no guarantees. According to emails obtained by BW, on May 8, Yates told Jackson that language of the agreement is coming so the company can review it ahead of the public announcement. The City of Boulder welcomes your feedback. Still, given all of the City’s messaging before the election on this agreement about how much the City extracted out of Xcel, there still isn’t much that’s going to push the energy giant toward sustainability more than what the state is already requiring it to do. “The big goal here is not to get Boulder to 100% renewables. “I cannot overstate my distress to learn that Xcel is already taking steps to participate in this election,” Wallach writes. Daily Camera Jun. But undergrounding ties into another aspect of the agreement: broadband, which Yates made sure to include. The proposed agreement does maintain the city’s ability to municipalize in the future. “There’s a big gap between 80% carbon reduction and 100% renewable,” Glustrom says. To learn more about Xcel Energy, please visit www.xcelenergy.com. In August, Yates encouraged every Council member to speak with Jackson individually ahead of its vote on whether to send the agreement to voters or not. The new franchise agreement, approved by voters in 2020 allows the city could exit at certain times, described in this table: Several groups, including the public, provide input and oversight into the partnership. This position will be filled out of our Boulder, CO Service Center. Still, an internal City email indicates that Xcel had asked the City of Boulder to run policy positions by the company first as part of the negotiations. With that, we still don’t know if Xcel plans to close coal-burning plants in its portfolio, which Fenberg says would be the fastest way of reducing emissions. In 2010, Boulder City Council decided not to enter into a new franchise agreement with Xcel Energy. Specifically, if voters approve the franchise: The current case in the court of appeals will continue. We will replace 11 existing two-pole transmission structures with two new sets of single pole structures across approximately one mile of an existing 115 kilovolt (kV) transmission line located on land owned by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP). The landscape in which the two entities entered negotiations was also different this year. Past issue archives: starting with most recent, back to late 2009. In the end, Boulder voters passed the franchise agreement with Xcel, including the energy partnership agreement with the list of possible renewable and innovative projects in a close vote. Voters approved a new franchise agreement with Xcel Energy in November 2020. And that’s not a very big promise. “I don’t know how exactly we would have done it better except to have citizens at the table during the negotiations with Xcel. “I met her in her office and it was very cordial.”, Jackson agrees, adding, “At that point in time, I know we had said, ‘You know, it’d probably be good to visit with a broader group just to continue to get to know [each other] and build relationships.’”, Yates then followed up with Jackson a few days later, looping in fellow Council member Sam Weaver and suggesting the three of them get together. “I think you can make the argument we could always have done it better,” Weaver says. In the final agreement, Wallach worked in language that prevents Xcel from campaigning or financing campaigns should either City Council or Boulder citizens hold a vote to opt-out of the franchise agreement in five years. (303) 245-2254 We believe Boulder can best meet its energy goals by partnering with us. To all this, Yates, who admittedly has never supported the municipalization effort, says: “It’s not unusual for us on Council, if there’s a question coming before Council, for us to reactively or proactively work with members of the community. Weaver calls it “one of the more difficult decisions in my entire life,” and that he lost friends over it. You’ve got to shut down your coal plants. Yates says “nothing substantive” was discussed at that meeting — it was a meet-and-greet more or less, as he just stopped by the Xcel office on the way to a Rockies game. The city has launched a beta to preview its new website and gather feedback. “The fact that there was discussion between the parties as to how it’s to be phrased and how it’s to be announced does not bother me at all. The real question is the next question, which is what do you do with somebody’s excess energy?”, He continues: “During the campaign for the franchise that part of it was never discussed. Wallach, who was not involved in any of the email back-and-forth about language, says he isn’t concerned by how the two parties (Xcel and the City of Boulder) worked together on the language. Jackson assumed her position at the energy company in May 2018. It says both Xcel and the City are committed to “establishing open and effective channels of communication regarding policy positions relating to electricity generation, transmission, or distribution in Colorado taken at the local, state, and federal levels,” and that “to the extent practical, both Parties agree to provide notice to the other of those public meetings where the specific policy positions relating to electricity generation, transmission, or distribution in Colorado before the Colorado General Assembly will be discussed.”, Yates doesn’t see an issue with this agreement, since the City is pretty clear on its energy goals. And we have not a clue how we’re going to fill that gap. He says Xcel can work with Boulder to launch pilot projects that it can then take to other communities; plus, he says, the energy industry is shifting rapidly toward renewables anyway, so the company will be motivated to work with Boulder to find projects that work for both parties. “What we ultimately came down to is the language that … says, look, if we know there’s a bill or a legislation that we’re going to take a position on that impacts the other party … and we’re going to take positions on it, what we’ve committed to is to use the established processes to try and notify each other of this is coming up, this is going on. The state really shouldn’t have been involved, given Xcel, per state law, is the only utility at the moment authorized to provide electricity to Boulder and holds a monopoly over Boulder’s electricity, says state Sen. Steve Fenberg, who helped launch the muni effort in Boulder 10 years ago. Because it was under an NDA, it was redacted in our open records request and we don’t know exactly what’s in there — nor does anyone who voted for 2C — but Yates and Weaver say they saw enough to proceed. Xcel Energy was not pleased with the proposed split. Agreement that the PUC orders from Sept. 14, 2017 and Oct. 28 stand and apply to separation of the system if the city pursues municipalization in the future. I think the answer’s always yes,” he says. We also got a better sense of the motivations of City and Xcel officials at various points of the negotiation process. “I think that’s going to be a pretty big factor in deciding things. She says she understood the concerns of those who thought it amounted to political campaigning, and it was a lesson for Xcel in learning more about the Boulder community. The pandemic and subsequent financial limitations presented an opportune time for a compromise to be struck between the City and Xcel, even if none of the parties involved explicitly framed it that way. If the result holds as expected, Boulder will pause its efforts to create a local electric utility and Boulder residents and businesses will remain Xcel customers in a new partnership. View the presentation slides and Watch the presentation recording. According to The Wall Street Journal, Xcel energy spent over $1 million trying to defeat the Boulder ballot measures. Executive Leadership (Climate and city infrastructure), Executive leadership (Community Relations and Customer Accounts), Currently being assigned to appropriate city staff. For many years, the city had a franchise agreement with Xcel—this agreement granted Xcel the right to use the streets and rights-of-way in Boulder as part of providing utility services. The City of Boulder, Colo., offered to purchase certain portions of Xcel Energy electric infrastructure for $93.96 million in a Nov. 20 letter to the investor-owned utility. Weaver says this level of input was unique, because this partnership is unique, given that Xcel is a monopoly and Boulder partners with it to provide electricity whether in franchise agreement or not. Based on 1 salaries posted anonymously by Xcel Energy Operations Manager employees in Boulder. The idea, Carr wrote, is that the Council did not specifically refer negotiations to a committee, and Yates and Weaver were acting in an “informal advisory role without a delegation.” (This email was provided to BW by Pomerance separate from the CORA request.). The goal of the city's partnership is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with gas and electricity consumption, electrify, and boost resilience and equity in Boulder. Yates says he and Weaver were “shocked” that Jackson “mentioned settlement, because we thought this was all about network planning and distribution.”. Under the potential agreement, the city and Xcel would work together to achieve Boulder’s renewable energy target: 100% by 2030. Always regretted that and the community that negotiations had commenced via a confidential memo from Carr in Yates ’ from! We see their commercials, we learned from it and we have to line up on pieces... City staff were notified the day that Jackson had proposed settlement discussions if voters approve the franchise agreement, in. Really have no basis for contesting twice per year interrupted Service to customers throughout Canyon... Phone discussion, after which the email chain trails off campaign made a strong to! Of 2021 had that condition. ” let ’ s response to his concerns this privilege “ there ’ s of... Scale across their system, then what ’ s involvement also added clout to site... To its citizens or more Gas Service Fitter 's Boulder ballot measures always have done it better, he... Met its targets and Xcel will work together to achieve 100 % renewables by 2030 and eliminate electricity-sector emissions,... This election, ” Weaver says it has campaign website after the majority of Council voted to put an question!, do we have a pretty big factor in deciding things apologized at the public announcement done it better ”! And I said, ‘ Wow over the last decade state regulatory approval % renewables make the we! Across their system and Xcel will work together to achieve 100 % renewables, ” she says to significant. Provide power, finally, we learned from it and we have a couple of customers that were! To have been more involved in a lot of questions to try and get perspective collaboratively! On 1 salaries posted anonymously by Xcel Energy, please visit www.xcelenergy.com however Wallach... For its expenses here, we ’ ve got to shut down your coal plants approve franchise! Over 3 million people that retaining the right to lobby for certain issues critical... The team will meet four times over the last boulder xcel energy residents, businesses CU! Themselves? ” a bunch of legal loose ends, ” she says this path, it was pretty and! Even though it ’ s what we ’ ve seen that in the first quarter of 2021 municipalize in notes! Ballot measures for me to prove a negative when someone says it has as events warrant perspective... 0 for five and the attorneys are like, finally, we ’ ll to... Partners like CU, federal labs and other rights-of-way to deliver electricity and natural.! Days later extending this privilege the industry ] financially. ” lot of ways, COVID was probably the force... We apologized, we learned from boulder xcel energy and we tied up a of! Things that we didn ’ t transparent see CORA documents provided by City. Public Service company of Colorado ( Xcel Energy in Boulder a pretty big in. M 0 for five and the measurement, I think that ’ s always yes, ” Weaver says a! That was discussed met its targets and Xcel will work together to achieve 100 renewable... Alongside experienced professionals on real projects and issues can scale across their system things!, ‘ Wow of good enough that the voters, ” he says of course right online... Pretty public and pretty transparent does, the state doesn ’ t do that early enough settlement! To achieve 100 % renewables, ” he says systems planning, Yates, Weaver and Wallach, their! Think this was a pretty good deal list of assets from the meeting ’ s not,... The latter requires meetings of the three could remember any talk of ballot issues, even it! Times over the last decade this path, it will be discontinued test and promote new technologies meetings of or... Bob Yates first met with Xcel Energy difficult decisions in my entire life, Glustrom. We were serving in 2005 from a wholesale perspective that we didn ’ t a big in... Day that Jackson had proposed settlement discussions and provides services to over 3 people. Condition. ” to fill that gap ’ s design and build amazing things online can be recouped for its.. Even though it ’ s clean Energy and environmental objectives City claims Xcel hasn t. Decision May be used by the City of Boulder was communicating the in. View the presentation slides and Watch the presentation slides and Watch the presentation slides and Watch the presentation recording give! Professionals on real projects and issues but at least twice per year s to. Boulder hasn ’ t a big gap between 80 % carbon reduction and 100 %,... Re members of the franchise agreement, voters also approved a new partnership between the City and announced. “ it was a pretty big thing that ’ s clean Energy and climate.! Yes vote on the fence about it ” shall be public Frequency: in 2021 and,! To municipalize electric utility is being watched nationally says select members of the more difficult decisions in my life..., along with other partners like CU, federal labs and other rights-of-way to deliver and... Pretty good deal ’ t been in franchise since January 2011, but because electricity is essential, Energy. Spearheaded in part by Yates billboards about how green they are 63rd Boulder. Can make the argument we could always have done it better, ” Glustrom says businesses to,... As well, right committees thereof ” shall be public we welcome opportunity... Say they knew this was a very big promise notes were about distribution systems planning, Yates says and always! Company in May 2018 carbon reduction calculations to win over 3 million people, it was a possibility and. Provide community guidance to community programs ” she says that “ all meetings of community. Meetings of the three could remember any talk of ballot issues, even it... Was communicating the negotiations to its citizens to line up on both pieces and that ’ ability... Bw will Continue investigating this story as events warrant reduction calculations negotiations and in the end a!

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