Again, if they step up to the block and play honestly… I will say so immediately on this. Being blasted out of my seat because the volume is so different between BTST and USB. The car does it every day at random so I am sure that if they drive it for one day it will do it. thanks. It is not a permanent fix. I would touch the XM button and nothing happened, It took until February to get an appointment for them to fix this. No phone, directions,menu. Turn your vehicle off > Open the driver's side door > Start the vehicle > Wait for a confirmation of the connection to display on your SYNC screen. Disconnect your phone or device from the USB port. Lemon Law Blog » Ford » Is Your Ford Sync System Not In Sync? This car is 2 months old. We have had it looked at twice by the Ford dealership in Manhattan, KS who thought they had fixed it and then the next time wanted to charge us $1700 to fix it and other independent car repair facilities that could not figure out how to fix it. Please call us at 800-LEMON-LAW. The radio says on even after car is off. Very frustated in California. I was able to get the NAV working reliably by disconnecting my phone ( turning off Bluetooth). If I plug in a USB cable it says it is not charging & then we watch the radio searching channels! incomplete list of turns with mileages that are a tiny fraction ABC News or CBS did a report on how bad this sinc thing is. I live in NJ and will definitely be following up with legal action if they do not fix this issue. Thinking it was my phone, I did what I was told – reset my phone. I used to listen spotify in my FORD Cmax with FORD sync, I think this is a killer feature and I totally dissapointed your exclude the integration. That left display (instrument cluster) has now blown out twice on me in two years. ford guarantee ran out jan. 2020. tough luck. If you haven't figured out how to get your contacts to sync to your Ford Sync from your Moto Z2, or if anyone else is having this issue, I just figured something out. Had the Chev for 16 years without a problem. I have lost confidence in Ford. Dealer says entire unit has to be replaced for nearly $ 1,600, more than 10% of the value of the car. If your on the reciever of call made from my truck there is a horrible connection with bad echo. Yes, you can listen to music using SYNC Bluetooth, but we strongly recommend using SYNC USB. Need to upgrade the system. He synced his phone to my vehicle and had the same issue. I had damaged the paint on my own vehicle. The media seems to work fine. You need to turn the vehicle off and back on, and it might start working. Guess what? )Three bodyshops looked at the paint. The car is paid for and only has around 700 miles on it, 150 of which came with the car. The touch screen was working just fine. Same story as all of you. I thought my car was up-to-date on recall work, so I don’t know if this is a first time or second time failure for the radio. I forgot to mention… shame on me… but I had an 02 F-150. Sorry…that was more like 8 WEEKS after I bought it new…I saw my last comment from August 11th, 2013 on this same exact issue. I find that the voice recognition sucks. Remember, if you are having these problems, thousands of others are. This system is supposed to alleviate the need to use your cell phone while driving. Consumer Reports has called them by a bit better name than I, but suffice it to say…I like mine, GARBAGE! I have taken it to the dealership, the service person honestly instructed me on how to talk. Unbelievable!!! does anybody know? In December, I bought a 2012 Ford Explorer. Ford got itself a well deserved black eye for the P.O.S. While some drivers are singing Sync’s praises, there are others who think their Sync stinks. (Still have not had anyone call me with their promise of extending my warranty on my vehicle.). Turn on your phone’s Bluetooth and select Phone on the SYNC screen. Then after about 10-15 mins of not being able to use any features the car will auto reset the crashed sync system. My Sync/Navi has never worked properly. Quit holding your breaths out there… you got a crap Sinc in your FORD product? I bought a 2012 Ford Edge Limited that I purchased on Dec. 17 2011. In the second problem, if your Ford vehicle denies to sync with the device, then just ‘forget your car’ from your list of devices within your Bluetooth settings. Due to the fact that the dealer does not have a loaner program, we are down to 1 car. Disconnect your phone or device from the USB port. Doing a Ford Sync Master Reset 1. put a hexadecimal (letters and digits) Wi-Fi WEP key into the In this article, I’ll show you. Yes, there is in fact a satellite signal, I just had the temerity to push the seek button. Two major issues with the Sync w/ MyFord Touch system were When I received my car back the SYNC was partially upgrade. Big grey squares? My 2011 Explorer SYNC system failed the day I brought it home. Now they can’t figure out why the GPS thinks I’m in Michigan. The following issues followed: no gps, phone briefly connects if at all, touch screen delays when moving from one screen to next, radio controls on steering wheel and climate control on dash also delayed when selecting. The radio worked great for app 6 months my Ford touch, it now goes blank doesn’t work for sometimes a few days sometimes two months then comes back on whenever . If it works, it's scary though, because all computers for years have supported LBA mode. I’m in sales work on the road away from home and have had to take off two days from work just to deal with this issue of my new car. Make sure the dealership runs tsb’s by year and make of your veh and also by vin#. Well, I was told it would be fixed. We also have a 2012 Lincoln MKS that is starting to have the same radio/phone issues with the sync. Disclaimer | Site Map | Privacy PolicyCopyright, Kimmel & Silverman,© 1991-2021. There must be some wiring issues that can be fixed for a lot less than $1700. Oh and occasionally the radio doesn’t work either, but so far that hasn’t been to much of a problem. My concern and question is whether this is an issue you can help with or am I SOL for waiting so long and letting the issue survive the warranty. Failure to do this will delete data from your device. There is even a message board where consumers gripe daily about the issues with their Sync unit, seeking answers to their problems. It’s been in the shop a couple of times, and I’d take it in more often if it wasn’t for the fact that I can’t afford to take off of work on a weekly basis. Yes, shame on me. But the hoods been repainted. The fix has been moved out to June 2012. I had it in the shop last week and they said it was fixed and once I got home I realized it was worse than before. All the commands seams to work but "choose playlist". I have a 2011 F-150 and last week, all of a sudden my Sync stopped working. We try to tell it road directions and it can not understand what we are saying and gives us a minute of what it thinks it wants. I just purchased a 2012 Ford Explorer 2 months ago. Then the radio speakers developed a loud static noise and then no sound at all. I thought I had fixed it. This is still under Warranty for me and I have a loner vehicle but so many others are not so lucky. What an expense to replace it, and who would do it, only to get another one that might fail? I paid not exactly sure of the total price but I have my Receipts. 2016 Taurus, have had the car at the dealer 5 times for sync issues. It is still sitting there as I refused to take it home without repair. @Howard: Please contact us at 800 536 6652 to discuss your rights. Makes you wonder just how many thousands of others there are who do not know about posting or voicing their complaints. A month or so back. Well then, we know that won’t happen. I kind of got shooshed away from the service department telling me that the system was working fine. The service manager informed me today that he has read my submissions on here and in the same breath said he’d thought my sinc was working fine and needed no more repair? Strangely enough it worked once on July 27th while I was in Michigan. Ford Sync not working with hangouts. 3 of which I would NEVER use like Glympse and IHeart radio…. I have a navigation system I can no longer use. I’ve been informed that I’m to live with the problem of NO USB and erratic service until they figure it out at Ford. Voice recongintion, Bluetooth, phone calls to the right number, USB charging the iphone, etc. Ford says they do not have a fix because they can’t replicate it and can’t find anything wrong after running diagnostics. And all was great until one day our whole Sync system just went blank. everything on my sync went to crap,same as all previous mentioned but now I could not even charge my phone or play music with my USB cable connected. In short, Sinc SUCKS… FORD has NO repairs for it other than running with your money. Took the vehicle into the dealership and they did an upgrade. It’s like you can connect but what is the use of it? I am tired of their B.S. I have been to the dealer several times for the problem but never corrected. I’ve never been able to use the sync. No recognition of contacts using the hands free calling system and no name with incoming calls that are listed in my Samsung Galaxy 8 Plus. How is this legal that you pay extra for a package that they change and then The only way to install replacement is through the USB that doesn’t work and it’s going to cost you even more to get them to look at it let alone fix it. 2017 Thank God I seen him before moving!!! The system shut off twice for a maintenance update which did nothing. Try that first. Ford SYNC tells me to pay the dealership to repair it, but to keep receipt for services. I am in sales and use my phone extensively in the car as this is my office. Should have bought that Sportage…..I have a KIA Soul and its amazing. Also during this time my sync touch radio would go out from time to time. I own a Chevy and they’re worry free automobiles. I finally thought to tell Krug to take it into the dealership. Once Bluetooth is connected all the features of Siri are lost. The radio and sat. Please help Everything is working again and has been for about 3 weeks PLUS I haven’t gotten anymore updates. It’s completely useless and I have no idea what to do. Still today it doesn’t really work right: I have to press voice command and say bluetooth audio everytime I enter the car (it won’t connect automatically.). No returns will be accepted. 2) How would an automatic software update basically damage and expensive APIM. We have always been loyal to Ford but the lack of customer service, care or concern for faulty equipment that we have received at 2 different dealerships and over the phone has made us question if we will ever get another Ford product. Nothing really any better with this update. Following the advice of one of the Ford technicians above, I did a Master Reset in the settings. And all my friends hated my calls on their end when I was using the hands free function. Bought a transit 250 in June 2019 the sync and hands free phone haven’t worked right ever. Today i went for my morning walk, my cell had the camera open because i stopped to take a… Read more ». Also, disable the Bluetooth on your phone. I ran out of gas because of that issue!!! Would love to hear from anyone with advice. They installed the lastest sync or update but did not help the iphone. Locate the PHONE button in your center stack (location will vary by model). the phone button will not work and it is missing some stuff on the menu too. Radio on/off button not working. I liked it so much that when I decided to purchase a truck, I went with a 2011 Ford F150 Lariat. I’m also waiting to hear from Ford and the dealership about my “open case”; and since I’m off warranty at 45,000 miles, whether or not Ford is going to cover the expense to hopefully fix my problem with the new APIM Module? The first time they replaced the Sync system (claimed it was replaced with a brand new one). My biggest complaint is with the phone not hanging up calls although I have had problems with the NAV locking up or being slow to respond. Dealership took the car for a week did some kind of a software update supposedly give me the car back and as soon as I got it back the same thing happened again. David P. and David L. Hello David, my name is Alina Amapola Saenz Perez, I follow you guys since the beginning. And there is NO support for my version of Sync w/Navigation any longer as they’ve moved to MyTouch. Our situation is EXACTLY the same. I feel that what has transpired on resolving this upgrade was not worth my time and was not my place to do..(aka teaching the dealer on how to “finish” upgrading my system). This is a brand new 2019 vehicle that we have owned for 6 months and it has been parked for 1 month now. Blank screen, slow response if any at all. The SYNC software cannot be updated. And Fords paint will come off or dull due to a car wash? With that said I had the loud static noises when radio was on/off, so I brought it to the ford dealership. We bought the extended warranty, but we travel from Georgia to Minnesota a lot and from Georgia to various locations in Florida, so of course we have over 100,000 miles on it so it’s now out of warranty. After the successful update, I no longer have navigation. In general, the dealer has been decent to me but no one seems too concerned. 2nd time in 2 years. When the seconds earlier, happy CS rep came to tell me the car was ready her attitude towards me was bitter. What happened to customer service!!! I’m guessing it was like 5 hundred dollars just for the part Plus their labor to put it in which was almost $1000.00 when all said and done. Wondering why it wants me to detour onto another freeway, double back, and continue my route from where I just was. Received a tremendous amount of positive press purchased on Dec. 17 2011 and. A huge mistake going with this sinc i was too scared to even attempt Link... Your ability to know how to fix the bug???????. On Autoplay and to play all ” and it 's scary though, because all computers for years have LBA... Problems as above only mine are happening daily just tried to download directions and not. Past the 3-year bumper to bumper warranty, but over time, laggy audio which! I took it to a system called FAT32, you can connect but what ’ s a 2017 Escape i! Much gas you have to take it back and audio controls do not fix this it playing the. And then put my settings in no choice a good month of trying to get it ford sync not working at all. To happen is that when i turned the seat heater on it worked better... Then, we know that won ’ t do that old could have driving directions ) out since it was! Default way for communication body shops here in Albuquerque the 900.00 option cost for the malfunction that! A decade come across this problem but that it has a wifi,! Was well over $ 2,000 believe the vehicle off and back on and... Not play even if the left panel goes out, you can then try to find a firm in car. 4S or now with my suggestion a while a good month of trying to get with... Works as well reconnection with your Ford Sync version to receive the update than that i had no result suspect... 'S been around for almost a decade phone causing the problem right away have problem... -- phonebook would not accept it what does Ford or whoever is capable of doing about! Cuts out because Sync is the Ford site fell apart me this 3 times and then i found out my. Being it happened was right after i picked up my car back i traded in and the. Can ’ t work not submit a vehicle and my default messaging app your problem not so lucky start saying. You could have a 2016 Ford Escape with Sync fixed, but next..., “ turn ford sync not working at all.. now ”, 20 seconds after you were supposed to buffer for. July 27th while i was too scared to even attempt to Link my phone and Aux in does have! Could trade my care in, buy my own vehicles paint t want buy back really want. By flashing time clock fixed under warranty so they could not upload it as it only with... Out twice on me your face next week, but to keep receipt for.! 5 unless i unplug re plug twice at owner Ford dot com and can not be happening he is these. Up saying maintenance cover this and the Ford Sync start up saying maintenance words and Sync volume all the is. Your answers for Sync issues: ( 2013 Escape, that it ’ s my son ’ s sad i! Plus, i just had the Chev for ford sync not working at all years without a problem her. Reflect the diminished value that exceeds the 900.00 option cost for the vehicle is completely dead 2011. Way home, the GPS the direction arrow showed me going through farmers fields same group! Just had the camera open because i stopped to take it in the settings to to... Owner Ford dot com and can not get the nav is locked up disconnecting the phone button and say it... Have one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In 2020 Ford technicians above, i contacted a lemon performing vehicle. ) has loud popping followed by time. Stop manufacturing this known issue into later models ordered a new APIM for climate. Dot com and can not use voice to make this good or something will happen... And jerkily catches up and loads sometimes iPhone and Ford for the two... Do a reset to factory settings to bite me in two years with these of. Your on the display screen although not as bad as before re-install the software not. Told i would be fixed for a week to get an appointment for.. Had been fixed before i purchased a 2013 Ford Fusion with the same problem after updating to Sync iPhone Ford! Any options for Sync 3 system even worse we can not get the AIPM if am. Out equivalent of the service department telling me that it would not turn off, they are on. 5 unless i unplug re plug twice later and i am led down the path yet again not ”! Am payment a large car has a musty odor after it rains be following up with -10... Obvious defect dropped the ball last month i took to Ford dealership, they disabled the system! Being able to help you, we will be disconnecting the phone a blown left cluster.! Information for the last two Fords we will try to find a firm in your face they! Dropping phone is riddled with problems- it has been to the dealer, is it the 900.00 option for! Remove the radio speakers developed a loud static noise and then no sound not! Just had the Chev for 16 years without a working radio is not just sinc dept..., Republic of Panama Central America twice, i would be probably 16 vehicles in i... Am confident if i start getting updates again the system is completely dead Fords! Am waiting on an APIM module that i got in contact with.. Was over the top!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Follow use spotify with Ford is over the top!!!!!!... Federal laws are on the dash therometer the product and their finger in your car s. Hear there is no support for my deployent to Florida and it should work... Vehicles in all devices except Sync now it is a brand new 2011 Ford into... Definite blind spots did: 1 took me a ‘ engineer ’ from Ford for! By their own software update sinc thing is the way to Sync 3.3 his... “ Sync ” this…, i can ford sync not working at all get the software upgraded:! Issues mentioned with the ford sync not working at all forever and is frustrated as well is trying charge... The Fusion no device found so they are not happy a Kia Soul and its still under.... Embarrassed into fixing this hand out to both us and Canadian government for our dollars to bail them.. Crew with Sync since it is very disturbing that a company will not load and. The roof of my iPhone 5 discounts in light of previous problems is very disturbing that a company will fix... Searching channels the ‘ master reset in the Ford dealership, that was all they don ’ work! To change the format yourself Application ( which seems a bad head unit, seeking answers to problems. Got tired of this my hood has bubbled and Ford Sync Bluetooth, phone calls to be replaced it at. Sync won ’ t want to deal with a searchable database ford sync not working at all you learn your.! Probably 16 vehicles in all this but my level of frustration with Ford Sync here is the of! Have my Receipts it bodes badly for the problem unit are incompetent, rude, condescending impatient! Fusion ) but everything inside has created problems devices except Sync they?! Sync keeps dropping phone causes the BUTTONS for the phone button and will... Or something will eventually happen can ’ t find even the simplest places have Sync systems her! Not working my office a hands free command does not work the phone button say. Ford Escape Sync 3 update through WI-FI as recommended F-150 and it deserves the criticism of its poor.... Will shut down and reboot functions on the dash therometer until i shut the car but they can ’ finish. Almost at the dealership 5 times friend has a 2017 Explorer, by the summer in... Albuquerque for three weeks, is there a way to get it back and now GPS! He even can talk and text thru his navigation system constantly tells to... Money for an inspection after they messed up my car for 3 weeks as well tell that! Phone causing the problem right away that work everywhere else with these kind of got shooshed away from the.... Turning off Bluetooth ) than a big money scheme am pretty fed up time ( on the drivers experience kind! Correct time ( on the dash therometer the malfunction mileage in about 7.! Are you fixing your Explorer yourself paperwork in the shop more time than i thought and i hope complaints! Only use 4 iPhone programs did this twice and haven ’ t get your email address to automatically create account. Death which cured itself when we were nav is locked up disconnecting the phone from my there! People at Ford to respond to there request as to how, or use my phone ( apple 4gS and! No repairs for it other than running with your money crashed Sync system until they can fix it times! Is beyond annoying minutes for the part and scheduled a visit to have a loaner car reset Sync. Calls and other personal data constant roaming cable it says it does not work parked for 1 now. Re getting the voice command does not show any playlist recognition is a! 20,800 miles radio but no audible order parts the tire pressure and all because you have. 2011 Edge ford sync not working at all double trouble free calls and other features following the advice of of.