The Latest iPhone Update Causes New CarPlay Problems. This thread is archived. Here’s what else changes. 1 photo These applications make in-vehicle multimedia use both … 2020 Apple CarPlay Issues. 9 comments. I have emailed apple and toyota about this issue but I really dont know if its a carplay issue or a toyota issue. This means that most used 4Runner models on the market won’t have this feature at all. It works fine in my other vehicles with no problems and it works fine in the 4Runner on other phones, it seems to be affecting the 11's specifically (so far). share. CarPlay issues with iOS 13. Thanks. Plus, you can now use your CarPlay’s dashboard to control your HomeKit accessories, like garage door openers. 100% Upvoted. save. Hey y’all, Anybody else with a 2020 4Runner with Apple CarPlay found a resolution to the phone call issues with iPhone 11’s? report. Toyota is adding both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to its 2020 4Runner model year. The touchscreen has also been upgraded from 6.1 to 8 inches in the latest 4Runner. Toyota cars are also one of the only vehicles compatible with Amazon Alexa. hide. Should I Buy the Toyota 4Runner? Close. September 25, 2019 - Toyota’s body-on-frame, mid-size 4Runner SUV gets Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for 2020, along with Amazon Alexa, as standard features. 2020 Apple CarPlay Issues. 10. In this video will be showing 2020 4Runner Updated features | Apple Car play | Smart Key | Push Start | Etc When you connect your iPhone to CarPlay, you can get turn-by-turn directions, make calls, send and receive messages, listen to music, and more. Problems with Kenwood car audio systems? Part 1: Make sure you’ve set up Apple CarPlay correctly. The iOS 13 dashboard makes it easy to keep track of Maps, audio controls, and Siri Suggestions. Both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are now standard options for the 2020 Toyota 4Runner. Archived. But, it’s important we cross-check whether we’ve setup the Apple CarPlay correctly. CarPlay is a smarter and safer way to use your iPhone in the car — allowing you to stay focused on the road. Ever since you’ve updated to iOS 14/13.7, CarPlay issues are plaguing, right? Posted by 1 year ago. CarPlay is generally more reliable than Android Auto, and most of the problems that are experienced with Apple’s system are very often caused by the cable. Well, to some extent, new updates may sometime disturb the normal functioning of your phone, features and settings. With iOS 13, Apple simplified the CarPlay Dashboard. 6 Jun 2020… For 2020, Toyota improved the 4Runner’s infotainment system by adding standard Apple CarPlay, Amazon Alexa, and Android Auto, which weren’t previously available.