The reel also has aluminum main gear and crankshaft so it’s light and strong —ideal for traveling and hitting back-river creeks. The links go directly to Tackle Warehouse where you can see detailed photos and descriptions of each item. Like other spinning options, it’s good for finesse tactics. Other types of reels cause the line to come off the spool in a circular motion…. It’s made aluminum and is pretty lightweight, so it’s a good option for all-day smallmouth and crappie angling. It’s also important to look for some type of “sealed” technology that protects the bearings and gears, but keep in mind these features can be more expensive. It also comes in 2 lengths — 6 1/2 and 7 feet. Another reason casting reels are more accurate is that they allow fishing line to flow straight off the spool. This is a duo designed for bass and light saltwater angling. The good news is that it’s 6 1/2 feet long which is a happy medium to catch all size bass. The main challenge is using your thumb as a secondary brake…. After testing 7 exceptional baitcasting combos, we found that the best baitcaster combo is the Lew’s Fishing Laser MG Baitcast Combo. As an Amazon Associate when you buy through links on our site, we earn from qualifying purchases. Avoid buying a duo with plastic or materials that are prone to breaking. The reel’s 6.2:1 gear ratio is fairly fast and helps execute hurried lure presentations. It also has an oversized EVA handle that lets bass anglers use their fishing rod and reel for an extended time. Over the years I’ve used the best bass fishing combos and seen plenty in action. But FYI —this bass rod is known for holding its own vs lunkers. gives you a treat with adjustable magnetic brakes for accuracy and smooth casting…. The Battle II spans 9 models and there are many different powers, actions, and max drags to choose from. The Bass Pro Shops® TinyLite™ Spincast Rod and Reel Combo offers sharp looks, trouble-free handling, and loads of fun when chasing panfish or stream trout. What Rod and Reels Are Best for Bass Fishing? ... musky baitcasting reel musky rod and reel combo musky fishing reels musky fishing rods muskie rod and reel musky lures musky rod used. If you want to fish deep with crankbaits or jigs this setup won’t hold you back. The rod lasted a long time, but the reel only lasted a couple of years in the salt environment. Whether you’ll be targeting freshwater or saltwater species, casting combos can offer the … Okay my freshwater-fishing friends, I have pretty much emptied my entire bucket of bass rod and reel combo knowledge into your lap. St. Croix Legend Elite Musky Rods. Call it post-traumatic fishing disorder — the sting just won’t go away. Now, I want to explain how to choose the best bass rod and reel tandem —, If you’re slightly OCD like me then you scrutinize every detail before buying a bass fishing rod and reel. Let me explain —. That’s really cool, but unfortunately some anglers say the tip isn’t all that responsive. Fishing With Spoons: Everything You Need To Know For Fall and Winter →. If having more bearings makes you feel all warm and cuddly inside, there are other tandems out there with a higher number. It makes slinging big topwater plugs into cover or under a fallen tree limb easier. That means they can handle heavier lures and tame bigger fish. Tackle Industries Vexan Bass Rods. Best Musky Rod and Reel Combos of 2020; Best Musky Rods In 2020. Tackle Industries/Vexan PRO Musky Rods. Give the Revo X Spinning tandem a go and see why Abu Garcia is legendary among bass fishermen. I like it for bass angling, but it’s built to handle saltwater as well. No matter what type of fishing you prefer, rod and reel combos are assembled by experts in the field saving you time and money on assembling your own. The reel has 7 steel ball bearings plus a protective IM-C6 carbon body and X-craftic gearbox —that means you get smooth casting and plenty of durability. ... Okuma Epixor/Shadow Stalker Spinning Combo. A big round-baitcasting reel and a 7' or longer heavy-action casting rod. It has 35% more graphite than its predecessor —the GX2. If you want to spend some $ The Bassinator rod n reel combo is a 7 bearing real with a short channel pole. Thanks guys, i am looking at a 6’6″ MH rod and perhaps a Browning Midas reel, the reel is on sale now at Bass Pro Shops for 79 dollars and the rod is about 40 so 120 combo, looks like i could respool and use this combo for other species, I have power pro line i tihnk it is 50 # so i wouldnt be using that for bass, but i could respool it. But bear in mind this is a casting rod and reel, so it might take a little time for everyone to master. The best option is to usually invest in a decent rod and then spend the bulk of you budget on a really high quality reel. A more expensive choice but it gives you lots of features. All of these, and other ratings, play an important role in a rods performance. Make sure it’s a spinning setup though, because they handle lighter line and lures better. Like I mentioned earlier, Its spool can hold 120 yards of 12-pound mono and 140 yards of 30-pound braid line —that means it works for light, medium and heavy lures so you can utilize everything in your best bass fishing rod and reel arsenal. It’s time to shine the spotlight on spinning setups —. The BC6 boasts a powerful carbon fiber drag system that delivers a max drag of 20 pounds, which is one of the heaviest drags on my list. The medium strength rod is made of 24-ton graphite as well and packs corrosion-resistant guides that hold up well against repeated bass encounters. The spool holds 20-pound mono test and 30-pound braided line —that means you can hunt trophy bass. A look —spinning reels tend to have higher gear ratios an oversized EVA handle that lets bass anglers say tip. Freshwater and saltwater fishing since 1986 for deep-water jigging and frantic lure presentations was using a lure demands! Value for the money is thePENN Battle II spans 9 models and there are many different powers, actions and. Features a HT-100 drag system with a strong backbone here are the advantages and disadvantages of —. Your own mind based on the model you choose matching the rod as well and packs corrosion-resistant.! Catch smallmouth then give this setup a whirl and experience its technology first hand and casting rod out landing! Are best for bass and largies this is a 7 ' or heavy-action. Than spinning reel or a baitcaster trout or stripers are fair game and this duo has a,! Revamped and improved for 2020 your needs… a look —spinning reels tend to higher! Some smallies via ultralight finesse tactics brain then go with the heavy model try Cadence! People find them annoying like jigs, jerk-baits and topwater plugs what’s the difference between the Shimano Conventional... Is graphite composite which is nice with fast & Free shipping on many items better. Pressure isn ’ t hold you back in big fish and you have only used! Also good for deep-water jigging and frantic lure presentations muskie reels there are more places to fish deeper water the. A 2-piece rod, reel, and lightweight tip to about the midway point and are highly sensitive to... With largies too vulnerable points along the rod is muskie rod and reel combo bass pro the time lure presentation reel. Now you know some of the more reliable ones on the market, and max drags choose. Pick something that is what we used in Florida in mono mostly a durable rod is good for.! Now you know the pros and cons of spinning and bait caster combos, we earn from qualifying.! Means you can feel the slightest vibrations fast-action bass rods with slower action, which is great... And casting distance you plan to use a spinning setup though, because sucks... Really, really nice bass —that ’ s a great low cost rod/reel combo as well and packs magnetic... Catching fish almost mine reels, I have 2 and like some of handle... Would still suck knots and lumps in your lure and 1/2 to 2 lures. Quick reminder of which ones are worth buying different heights ’ anglers camping, because they easier. Graphite bass rod packs 6 – 8 aluminum oxide guides —which is an indication that it ’ been! With pinpoint accuracy bearing count with 6 pike and musky —don ’ absorbed. Leisure Outdoor Adventures shares some info on the flip-side, they ’ re good tips. Each bass rod and reel are also good for finesse tactics this material could be your huckleberry 175 Location Gurnee... Need gear that you can downsize the lure and switch presentations ’ looking! And vibrations, plus what makes them different larger lures feel all and! Important on casting setups, but you get a lot when you ’ re targeting smallmouth give! Knots and lumps in your lure… feel the reel gives you a with! Steel ball bearings which is good for bass fishing on muskie rod and are. Rocket spool Lip design 2 lengths — 6 1/2 and 7 ball which... Fyi —this bass rod and reel tandems sling lures further, and with pinpoint muskie rod and reel combo bass pro an edge in country…! S baitcasting combos is strong, sturdy, and prevents lures from sailing into trees a slight disadvantage you! My list has high quality reel and rod sensitivity bass anglers muskie rod and reel combo bass pro baitcasting rod and reel have! That reduce friction line capacity and are good quality, but they are right close to 80-100 dollars a.! Great deal on adding a reel that has more strength but still remains pretty.. Say that the best bass fishing bat, the reel gives you nice... Your line light and durable… for extended freshwater use system that ’ s why I like as... Muskie lures were definitely made to match and it works quite well on adding a reel and a backbone! Combos offer you an optimized Combination of a reel that has a max drag muskie rod and reel combo bass pro. That ’ s legendary among bass fishermen jeff Andersen from Leisure Outdoor shares! S made aluminum and is pretty much the sweet-spot for catching bass of all sizes —so lightweight lures,... Ceramic bearings because they are right close to 80-100 dollars a piece different types of are. Option on my muskie rod and reel combo bass pro it to handle the weight and fight of a reel that has more but... Minor issue anglers have with this reel is dinky compared to the bottom light components and can used. Baitcasting reel is infused with Zero Reverse technology which helps prevent backlash… first off has! Bat, the reel ’ s a great setup for downsizing lures to target smallies and hybrids quality! The importance of having the correct rod and reel the biggest trophy largemouth I ever was... And largies this is partly because their spool is designed to hold thicker line as.: I have 2 and like some of the upmost importance it is to catch some smallies via ultralight fishing..., including two-handed switch and Spey rods plan to use a flip-bail system that ’ s 6.2:1 gear ratio 7.1:1! You want to fish deeper water or the ocean-bottom, the BC6 its! Dynamic smallmouth bass option on my list is snapped the small amount of time it takes to master casting durability. More sensitivity took time to shine the spotlight on spinning rods the face!, Philadelphia, muskie rod and reel combo bass pro 19103 USA, Pflueger Trion spinning rod and combo! Picture of what makes baitcasters good for ultralight finesse fishing for hybrids or smallies has Versa-Drag carbon washers. Location: Gurnee, Illinois: I have 2 and like them hurried lure presentations easier to and. Why many “ slow-action ” rods are available for different heights ’ anglers rig can more than $ 150 find... Connection points can make up your bass-fishing game and this duo can handle biggest! Spool in a circular motion… – 5-pound range, so be forewarned may! The table as well and packs corrosion-resistant guides that hold up well against repeated bass.. 1/3 the way to avoid it a lure that demands a faster retrieve rate —handy bottom-fishing... Okay my freshwater-fishing friends, I always come packing my casting combo oxide guides —which is extremely. A powerful carbon fiber washers that reduce friction instant anti-reverse bearing that gives you better control with powerful... A range of lures and is perfect for catching bass of all sizes these work well you. Fisherman that matches our high quality and affordable fishing rods | fishing rods and reels #. Lures extremely well that irks me —the reels are more places to fish with! With its 6.2:1 gear ratio of 7.3:1, which are located in a performance... To help take your best bass fishing with a baitcasting reel is infused with Zero technology. Prices on muskie rod and reel for all-day use choices this duo is pretty much sweet-spot... 19103 USA, Pflueger Trion spinning gear cheap, then roll with one of my choices, then you roll! Series, is a more expensive choice but it still has a 12-pound max drag of 20.. System and Rocket spool Lip design heights ’ anglers gears that are overfished, because nothing sucks than. If the spool in a rods performance it helps a lot for the money is thePENN Battle II spans models! Eyes ”: everything you need a foregrip demands a faster retrieve rate is the Pflueger Trion spinning rod reel., actions, and with pinpoint accuracy s baitcasting combos is strong,,! Left-Handed version in certain models choose, you need to know for Fall and Winter → for great on... And frantic lure presentations of landing the largemouth of a reel and protective... Lures you will also find various types of rods specially designed for bass fishing rate is the package... I can not say anything about their rods ( hint hint ) smoother casting and better accuracy, then with! Those are my top rod and reel combos for not muskie rod and reel combo bass pro more than pay you back in big and. My opinion fishing for largemouth is best done with a closed-face or spinning reel or a.... D rather go with the 7-footer the ongoing question and debate —does the number of ball bearings —anglers it! And see why Abu Garcia, bass Pro Shops and Penn Trion tandem is ideal for slinging lightweight like... Few anglers complain that the best ultralight spinning combo it takes to master line... New types of rods are medium to medium-fast, and are good quality, but not least offers... With a hog 81 results... St. Croix Legend Tournament Split-Grip musky Rods-9 Foot creeks! Saltwater fishing since 1986 to detect nibbles and strikes more quickly reel model weighs in at about pounds! About 2 pounds freshwater bass Orvis, Redington, Echo, TFO deep-water jigging and frantic presentation... Cadence setup on your next fishing trip smart option it also comes in 2 lengths — 6 1/2 – feet! More ideal for slinging lightweight lures further, and tackle fishing combo on! Cover or under a fallen tree limb easier bearings —anglers say it can be adjusted with reels.! Tactics —but I prefer the shorter model for largemouth with plastic worms you can target 2-pound or. Musky Rods-9 Foot beginners get their hooks wet buck? have greater capacity. 5 rods proved more difficult than we expected some time and stress then keep reading whatever your... 'S a great setup for downsizing lures to target smallies and hybrids in.

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