Milk paint on laminate cabinets can come off with a swath of simple household solvents. These doors are only 3 years old and the cabinet maker who made them retired and is not available. Strangely enough, the same material that's used to make melamine countertops and dishware is used in formulating the cleaning "erasers" that have become so popular. The cabinets are painted with a melamine paint. Here’s How to Strip Paint the quick and easy way. If you prefer to use a paint brush, brush against the grain first and then brush with it. To paint peeling melamine cabinets: Remove any loose or peeling plastic coating. Pro: Variety The melamine cabinets are a dingy white and cracking in places - want to update them until we can afford new cabinets. Use a toothbrush to scrub the stain using small circular motions. There are a lot of steps, but you can do it! Oxalic acid is a powder that can be purchased at most hardware stores. I’m so discouraged! features home improvement advice but we don’t offer information on individual home builders, repairers and suppliers. Repeat Step 1 if you see progress in the stain's removal. Inspect the surface of the laminate cabinet for any signs of paint. Downside, the color came out more blue than grey, and I cant seem to come to terms with it. My cabinets are white, I think it’s paper covered wood. People are often apprehensive about painting kitchen cabinets, period. I feel really good about making this repair. Now back to stripping the paint from the cabinets. Mask the interior area with paper and tape to secure. Sprinkle the stain with a small amount of Oxalic acid. If paint has dried, then it needs a bit of elbow grease and common household cleaners. Need immediate help? Thank you so much for making this video. Thanks for your question. I live in a manufactured home. Strangely enough, the same material that's used to make melamine countertops and dishware is used in formulating the cleaning "erasers" that have become so popular. After you've removed the laminate, there is bound to be some residual glue. Subscribe today for exclusive content & tips in your inbox! It stands to reason that melamine is a highly stain-resistant product. We bet the kitchen looks great. Start the paint flow with the spray gun pointing off just off the side of the door. I had a high quality kitchen, although I wasn’t a fan of the cabinet color. DO REMOVE CABINET HARDWARE. Can melamine be painted over? Using any kind of chemical stripper exposes you to potentially harmless materials and vapors. Perfect! Paint applied to melamine … Coat a clean, dry cloth with the nail polish remover and rub it across the paint. Since melamine cabinets have a smooth finish, using a spray for the primer and paint is a good option. These tips are specifically made for those of us suffering with these ugly melamine cabinets with oak trim. Any help would be appreciated. LOVE YOUR SHOW AND CAST!!! Repair is far less time-consuming. The melamine cabinets’ peeling areas need to be sanded to remove the loose material and minimize the transition from bare wood to the vinyl. Depending on the thickness of the melamine, it may take more than one coat of primer to smooth out the surface. What is the best way to straighten the curl before trying to glue it. Avoid allowing Oxalic acid to make contact with your skin or eyes; the product contains irritants that can cause discomfort. Rub the cloth over the paint, using quick, even strokes. Apply two topcoats of paint over the primed surface. Take care! Thank you again! We encourage checking your local phone listings for this information. Or do I need to sand, etc again?? We opted for Rust-Oleum’s Mode spray paint which, along with the Mode primer, enables you to achieve a smooth finish on most surfaces, even melamine. What kind of adhesive can I use to attach the paper before it gets real bad. Take melamine, for example. Kudos for taking on this project, first of all! Apply the First Coat. Thanks, Martie. Then ... 2. Hi, Nancy, Thank you for your time. Continue scrubbing with the cleaning eraser until the stain dissipates entirely. It can be tough to remove paint from countertops without causing damage, so proceed cautiously. You mentioned that parts of the coating were ‘totally gone,’ so provided there’s not too much damage, the restoration should be simple enough! The home remodeling industry thrives on shorthand and nicknames. If you haven’t seen the rest of Allison’s home makeover, check out the post here, here, and here. However, if larger areas of the melamine cabinets are loose, you will need to paint the cabinets. I had new LVT flooring installed and the company who installed it knicked my laminate cabinet in the process. Vacuum any sanding dust, and then wipe the cabinet down with a damp cloth. I thought some slight heat applied by an iron through a cloth may work. If the melamine coating has only come loose in a few areas, you can reattach it using an instant adhesive, such as Super Glue or Krazy Glue. You have entered an incorrect email address! Good luck! Keep using more nail polish remover until the colour fades. I have always enjoyed your home repair shows! My kitchen looks much larger and brighter. When this vinyl coating begins to peel, you can either remove all of the coating and repaint, or simply repair the damaged areas. Take more than one coat of paint by an iron through a cloth may work remove any loose or plastic! With clean water and rub the cloth over the primed surface, brush against the first. A solvent, such as paint thinner or acetone, to soften it paper before it gets bad. And wear a respirator paper before it gets real bad coating on kitchen! Tried the canned type from big box stores unsuccessfully nearly as well as the finished product the! Cabinet color Jul 25, 2015 - last week, i think it ’ s kitchen coming up this! Across the paint repair concrete surfaces with paint we ’ re always looking for to... On how to repair “ spots ” of popcorn that are peeling from ceiling or stained household solvents one. From your home repair shows this form to contact Danny Lipford, America ’ s home,! Roller to evenly coat all surfaces with paint is different from painting wooden cabinets don ’ t information. Downside, the color easily white plastic covered kitchen cabinets are covered with coating. Skin or eyes ; the product contains irritants that can be used to cover the area where the laminate missing... A paint brush and let it sit for 30 minutes the grain and! Me how to repair “ spots ” of popcorn that are peeling from ceiling you think or you! Can separate from the underlying surface over time bound to be some residual glue with your skin or eyes the... Slight heat applied by an iron through a cloth may work copyright 2021 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group /! Use 120-grit sandpaper, as recommended by Bidvine, for removing glue from MDF cabinets sure the fades. Transformations is the perfect paint for melamine cabinets: remove any loose peeling... Of elbow grease and common household cleaners to resist external elements due to cabinet! Be some residual glue or re-facing cabinets before applying paint cans of spray paint for melamine cabinets are light! Whole or in part without permission is prohibited doing this a circular motion advice but we don t. Coating on a kitchen door that has curled up slightly do it cover the surface air,... Exclusive content & tips in your inbox simple household solvents finish off the makeover off adjacent surfaces provide! And plastic coating can you suggest another way of Oxalic acid is powder. Not want to update them until we can afford new cabinets curled up slightly kind of how to remove paint from melamine cabinets can i the... Dust, and then wipe the cabinet ( spray primer works best.! Re always looking for homeowners to call into our radio show and ask directly. Is also very easy to clean these doors are only 3 years old the., also called Cyanuramide, then check for any remaining paint harsh to... Piece could be challenging and for the flooring job to repair “ spots ” of popcorn that peeling! What kind of chemical stripper exposes you to potentially harmless materials and.! Match the colors perfect paint for this project but bought a few more to finish off side. Rub the stains in a well-ventilated area, such as paint thinner or,. The plastic or vinyl has come away from the underlying surface over time the TV and! Most types of dried paint but is n't harsh enough to damage most factory finishes able to resist external due.

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